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Movie Archive for Asif Ali

Anuraga Karikkin Vellam Bookmark and Share

Amar Akbar Anthony Bookmark and Share

Faizal is a bike-stunt artist and he is injured during a bike stunt held at Kochi and is hospitalised. He is admitted in the general ward where he meets other patients and began a chat. On the queries of his ward mates, Faizal explains the reason behind his fall. For which he began narrating the […]

Kohinoor Bookmark and Share

The story of ‘Kohinoor’ develops during the 1987-88 period. It was a time when Mammootty’s ‘Athirathram’ and Mohanlal’s ‘Irupatham Noottandu’ were such a rage among youth. Louis wishes to be like Tharadas and Sagar Alias Jacky, the heroes in these movies. If not, at least become a junior Tharadas or Sagar Alias Jacky; to earn […]

Double Barrel Bookmark and Share

The story revolves around two precious stones – Laila and Majnu. Don sells these stones to Pancho and Vinci for Rs. 10 crores. Pancho and Vinci need to sell the stones to Billy for Rs. 100 crores. To make 10 crores, Pancho and Vinci lends Rs. 5 crores from Blacky, which is happen to be […]

Nirnayakam Bookmark and Share

Ajay is a student at National Defense Academy, Pune. His ambition is to become a soldier. Ajay’s father Sidharth Sankar is a well known lawyer in Kochi. When Ajay reaches Kochi, his father is dealing with a lawsuit and he needs the support of Ajay. Meanwhile, Saral enters the life of Ajay. The resulting intriguing […]

You Too Brutus Bookmark and Share

Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu Bookmark and Share

‘Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu’ narrates the story of Malabar Muslim family.

Vellimoonga Bookmark and Share

Vellimoonga narrates the story of a rural politician and his ideologies humourously wrapped in a family entertainer.

Sapthamashree Thaskaraha Bookmark and Share

Sapthamashree Thaskaraha is all about seven jail inmates. Some unwanted incidents lead them to the decision to team up so as to accomplish a life changing mission.

Apothecary Bookmark and Share

Apothecary is medical thriller which revolves around a doctor named Vijay Nambiar, and the patients who come into his life.