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Movie Archive for Saikumar

Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 Bookmark and Share

Mannar Mathai Speaking 2  is a malayalam comedy thriller film, directed by Mamas. It is a sequel to the 1995 cult comedy classic, Mannar Mathai Speaking and the third installment in the celebrated Ramji Rao franchise. [Wiki]

For Sale Bookmark and Share

The film portrays the story of today’s modeling and advertisement industry.The film deals with various subjects of social relevance.The influence of Parents lifestyle in the character formation of children, ill effects of alcohol in society, importance of family which everyone forgets in search fortunes etc are depicted in it

3G Bookmark and Share

The film sketches the positives and negatives of todays youth supplemented with 3g gadgets and electronic accessories.

Rebecca Uthup Kizhakemala Bookmark and Share

A blend of comedy, drama and romance, Rebecca Uthup follows the intertwining of four lives brought together by Sunderdas, a vetran film maker debuted with blockbuster movie Sallapam.Portraying Rebecca Uthup ( Ann Augustine ) in the ways of Athletics, life, and love. A story revolving around the sports star’s life where Arjun (Siddrth Bharathan) an […]

Ardhanaari Bookmark and Share

The movie tells the story of a transgender from kerala, the role played by Manoj K Jayan who travels out of kerala to due to social issues and the struggles he has to face during his travel. Ardhanaari is written and directed by Santhosh Sauparnika. MG Sreekumar will produce the movie.

Simhasanam Bookmark and Share