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Movie Archive for Sreenivasan

Guppy Bookmark and Share

The story revolves around a boy named Guppy(Master Chethan) who finds his living out of rearing and selling the small fish Guppy. Guppy has this dream of buying an automatic wheel chair for his ailing mother (Rohini). Things gets into turmoil when Engineer Thejus Varkey (Tovino Thomas) comes to the seaside village for the construction […]

Pathemari Bookmark and Share

“Pathemari” tells the story of Keralite immigrants in the Gulf countries and is inspired from the real life stories of many people, who left the South Indian State in an effort to earn a living and support their families.

Love 24×7 Bookmark and Share

Chirakodinja Kinavukal Bookmark and Share

A tailor falls in love with the girl next door, Sumathi. But her father, a log breaker, decides to marry her off to an NRI. Since it is inevitable to stop the marriage, the tailor decides to write a novel. Fortunately, he receives the State Award for the Best Novel. With the prize money, the […]

You Too Brutus Bookmark and Share

Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan Bookmark and Share

A straightforward narrative that is evenly paced with adequate of dose of bashing of the systems prevailing in our land.

Karanavar Bookmark and Share

Actually Bookmark and Share

‘Actually’, the Malayalam movie centres around two different incidents happening in the lives of two middle-aged men. The storyline develops through a group of youngsters, who in varied ways get involved in these incidents. Love, humour and suspense have its own space in the movie

God’s Own Country Bookmark and Share

God’s Own Country is a Dramatic movie directed by Vasudhev Sanal, movie will feature Fahad Fazil, Sreenivasan and Mythili in the lead role.

Money Back Policy Bookmark and Share

Money Back Policy is directed by Jyaraj vijay, starring Sreenivasan , Nedumdi Venu, Bhagath Manuel, Sreejith Vijay. Asokan (Sreenivasan) lives with his wife and doughters. He is working as a security in a hotel