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Movie Archive for Suraj Venjaramoodu

Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum Bookmark and Share

It narrates the story of a businessman (Kunchacko Boban) and a goon (Jayasurya) who fall for the same lady (Amala Paul).

Karinkunnam Sixes Bookmark and Share

Vandhana is a volleyball coach who is forced to take over the charge of prisoner’s team, following an unexpected incident. How she trains the team and how the team overcome their limitation to win a prestigious match, forms the crux of the story.

Jamna Pyari Bookmark and Share

The story begins with vasu, father of vasoottan rescuing people from a bus which has fallen from a bridge on to a flooded river. During the rescue, vasu gets drowned in front of the onlookers which include his friend Prakashan, his wife and his child while trying to rescue a kid. Then the story moves […]

She Taxi Bookmark and Share

Devyania She Taxi driver and recounts her journey with a group of three ladies and a few men which changes her life totally.

Ammakkoru Tharattu Bookmark and Share

‘Ammakkoru Tharattu’ raises certain pertinent questions to today’s society devoid of values and relationships. As the title, ‘Ammakkoru Tharattu’ gives prominence to the character of Mother in our life.

Cousins Bookmark and Share

The story revolves around four cousins who undertake a journey with a particular intention and the issues they come across in between them.

Oru Korean Padam Bookmark and Share

It is Kishore’s ambition to make a film, for which he approaches many producers with his script. But they reject his script, citing that money will be invested only in “New Generation Type” film. Though disappointed, Kishore manages to get a script, that turns out to be an exact copy of a Korean Film.

Ulsaha Committee Bookmark and Share

Sound Thoma Bookmark and Share

‘Sound Thoma‘ is a malayalam film directed by the hit maker Vyshakh. Dileep and Namitha Pramod comes in the lead roles. Gopi Sunder will composes the music for the film.

Ardhanaari Bookmark and Share

The movie tells the story of a transgender from kerala, the role played by Manoj K Jayan who travels out of kerala to due to social issues and the struggles he has to face during his travel. Ardhanaari is written and directed by Santhosh Sauparnika. MG Sreekumar will produce the movie.