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Movie Archive for Malayalam

Puthiya Niyamam Bookmark and Share

Maheshinte Prathikaram Bookmark and Share

Mahesh Bhavana (Fahadh Faasil) owns a studio in the Prakash City in Idukki. His father was a photographer and Mahesh does this usual wedding and funeral photography. He had a long time love affair with his school classmate Soumya (Anusree). But things take a different turn sometime later, quite unexpectedly. A seemingly trivial incident catapult […]

Hello Namasthe Bookmark and Share

Madhav and Jerrin are close friends. Both of them work as Radio Jockeys in Hello FM Radio owned by Jayamohan. It is their program Hello Namasthe that brings back the company from its misfortunes. Madhav’s wife Neeraja is an expert in baking cakes. Jerry’s wife Anna is HR in a private company. When Madhav and […]

Akashvani Bookmark and Share

‘Akashvani’ narrates the story of husband-wife relationship. Akash (Vijay Babu) and Vani (Kavya Madhavan) are two well known personalities in the town. Akash is a builder and Vani is the editor of a leading channel. They go on a personal trip to spend some quality time with each other and the resulting incidents are plotted […]

Action Hero Biju Bookmark and Share

Nivin Pauly plays the title role, Sub Inspector Biju Paulose, an officer in a Janamaithri Police Station. The nature of his job brings a drastic change in his life and personality. What happens in Biju’s life forms the crux of the plot.

Monsoon Mangoes Bookmark and Share

2 Penkuttikal Bookmark and Share

Style Bookmark and Share

Tom, a young auto mechanic falls in love with Diya whom he sees one day from the bus. The love got blossomed and at one point a psychopath named Edger came in to the life of this couple after an unfortunate accident. The incident lead to a scenario where Edger got humiliated and the movie […]

Maalgudi Days Bookmark and Share

Set in the backdrop of a residential school (Malgudi NPS), the film is an emotional thriller with moments of suspense woven in.

Pavada Bookmark and Share

At the centre of the plot is the barfly Prof Pavada Babu (Anoop Menon), a middle-aged man whose craving for alcohol has cost him many things in life, including his marriage. His tale is somewhat similar to Joy (Prithviraj), an unrepentant boozer.