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Movie Archive for Prashant Pillai

Anuraga Karikkin Vellam Bookmark and Share

Double Barrel Bookmark and Share

The story revolves around two precious stones – Laila and Majnu. Don sells these stones to Pancho and Vinci for Rs. 10 crores. Pancho and Vinci need to sell the stones to Billy for Rs. 100 crores. To make 10 crores, Pancho and Vinci lends Rs. 5 crores from Blacky, which is happen to be […]

Chandrettan Evideya Bookmark and Share

‘Chandrettan Evideya’ is a wholesome entertainer with a hilarious background. The movie deals with a harried husband who is saddled with an over possessive wife and how things turn out in such a situation.

Money Ratnam Bookmark and Share

Touted to be a road movie, Money Ratnam narrates a story that happen in a 24-hour time frame during a journey from Munnar to Marayur

5 Sundarikal Bookmark and Share

5 Sundarikal  is a Malayalam romantic anthology film. It contains five short stories on love about five types of women – mother, daughter, lover, wife and actress.

David Bookmark and Share

The story revolves around the lives of 3 David’s in 3 different parts of the world in 3 different eras. 1975 London- 30 year old David works for Iqbal Ghani, a dreaded Mafia don who controls the entire Asian community. He is a protege who is poised to take over the empire until a revelation […]