9 Types Of People You Will See At Every IFFK!

There is something about IFFK that throws the city into a festive mood year after year.

The 22nd edition of International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), the premier film festival of the state is currently underway in full swing in Trivandrum. It’s not a forum solely for filmmakers, but it is for everyone who loves movies to festival enthusiasts. If you are attending IFFK, be prepared to see all sorts of people, from movie stars to locals trying to escape the madness, and everyone in between.

Here are the 9 types of people you will see at IFFK.


1. The Networker

Minions 1

Goal = Meet famous personalities

The networker is an aspiring director or a writer who wants to meet and make connections with notable professionals in the film industry. This person most likely will have a strong social media presence and has already made online connections with celebrities they are hoping to meet and is here to renew their acquaintance. You will probably see this person chatting up multiple groups of people during the film fest.


2. A-list Celebrity


IFFK is known to attract a variety of stars, directors and other prominent people from the film industry. Many of them are from abroad or at least outside of Kerala. They stick around in the city for the week to do press interviews and catch a few flicks. Ask them nicely and maybe they will happily pose for a picture with you.


3. The Not So Celebrity

Uday Chopra Tweet

The forgotten actor whose career never really took off. The list also includes serial actors, TV anchors, reality show stars and many more from the same breed. They are all here.

Then there is..

4. Social Media Celebrity

Social Media Celebrity

These are normal people like us who think they are famous just because they have 5K followers on Facebook. Most of them are friends with lots of celebrities too. Their large number of tweets, or over the limit Facebook friends and followers are a source of pride for them. These folks just want to be seen with the celebrities.


5. The Students Who Bunk Their Classes


Many students who bunk their classes see IFFK as a safe house to lay low. You know what we mean. No one’s going to find them there and they can stay there as long as they like. You don’t have to watch the movies, just roam around at the venue and try to blend in with the crowd.

Pro tip:  Try not to get caught by the channel cameras.


6. The Zombie


This is the person whose only objective is to watch as many movies as possible. You will probably see this person running from venues to venues.  The biggest struggle this person faces is deciding on which film to watch (because they are all so great!!). Maybe trying to fit eight films in a single day just isn’t a good idea. Get some rest.


7. The 70’s Intellects


They are the culture vultures. Usually with long beard and unwashed khaddar jubba they can be spotted roaming with their canvas bags. All this to make others think that you are an intellectual. They know all the filmmakers (obviously!) and they always talk about oppression and liberation of women.


8. Lord of the seats


These people have a very high bladder control. Once they are inside, they will never let go of the seats even after the movie is finished, only because they want to watch the next movie. They will do whatever it takes to hang on to their seats. So the people outside who waited for hours to watch their favourite movie gets trolled. Remember that incident which happened last year? Yep, that’s exactly what we are talking about. Fortunately, this time it won’t be happening.

And finally…!

9. The Locals Who’s Over It


While outsiders flock to the city to join IFFK, the locals know this is a storm that will pass. They are least excited about the IFFK. Some of them are disappointed as they cannot go to regular movies until IFFK is over, since most theatres become venues for IFFK. They stay away from the crowded venues hoping for things to get back to normal.

All said and done, there is something about IFFK that throws the city into a festive mood year after year. Moreover, Trivandrum takes pride in hosting such a world famous event where the best films from all over the globe are screened. So viva la IFFK!

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