Annayum Rasoolum Malayalam Movie Review by Es Pi

The script of Annayum Rasoolum has many logical flows. Ordinary and unnecessary scenes make you wish if the film had ended.

A hit in Malayalam Cinema will have a thousand immediate followers in the same genre. “Thattathin Marayathu” which cashed on the inter-religious love and vibrant youth psyche, has a follower in Annayum Rasoolum, which, but fails to sustain the viewers, except the brooding elite intelligentsia who believe in “Eternal Providence”. Though the film excels in characterization, cinematography and direction it drags in many parts.

Rasool a car driver in Fort Kochi is about to bump up on his soul mate, Anna when he steer a near-caught-escape for his wicked gangster friend Abu. Later he again meets her, when he hide himself from a violent gang, again a trouble caused by his friend Abu in a church festival in Vypin. Anna, who is from a poor Christian family, with lot of troubles in hand, manages to keep her pot boiling, working as sales girl. After a long persuasion, Anna responds to Rasool, but soon Rasool finds himself in deep trouble by hitting down Kunjumon, brother of Anna and the gang leader in festival attack on Abu. An attempt by the narrator friend (Sunny Wynne) to bring the lovers together turns disastrous as Kunjumon’s gang infiltrates and Rasool was forced to take Annas hand to save her from a marriage with a divorcee Pranchi. A story so far soars on the wings of hope, takes a nose-dive into disillusionment in the second half, again Abu’s mafia activities play a crucial game.

Director Rajeev Ravi did a descent job in the company of cinematographer and musician to save the film slipping into a big flow as the script drags presumably. Intermittent bus journey, boat journey, running on the street and foot ball play, steal much of the frames in an unnecessarily prolonged drama to test even the viewer’s patience. Anna and Rasool are sketched as round characters to have an abode in viewer’s heart.

Fahad Fazil as Rasool, and Andrea Jeramiah as Anna steal the show. Andreas’s character looks similar to the heroine in Thattathin Marayathu in her silence and helplessness. Sunny Wynne keeps you wonder-stuck with his unbelievably superb performance as a mature narrator. Ashiq Abu and Renjith proved themselves actors apart from super directors.

The script has many logical flows. Ordinary and unnecessary scenes make you wish if the film had ended. Fahad running the street without even a single man’s hindrance on his way is unthinkable. At the end Rasool being hooked in a crime does not have any serious ground and since his crime is bailable and incurring only four months punishment in jail, the tragedy in the story is unwanted.

Good acting, Cinematography, Music, a parade of famous directors in the film, hype of the film, good characterization.

Areas of Improvement 
Unbelievably lengthy, boring and dragging in many parts, an ordinary theme, no brilliance in scripting and direction.

If the film is edited in to less than two hours movie people would have tolerated. Though the characterization and acting are good the film doesn’t keep you neither engaged nor felt.

Verdict– A just average movie with much star cast.

Review Rating of Annayum Rasoolum – 5/10


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