Celespot is all set with a new face

Celespot Media is a well known Kochi based online media news and publishing company that with many years of participation in the industry. The name Celespot is very popular among the industry insiders since they did a lot of notable works in a span of three and a half years. The company was founded on the 17th January 2014. During the initial stage, they managed small-scale promotions and they expanded in successively in the past years. They have done the promotion works of almost 40 films successfully.

Along with the movie promotion, they conducted the famous star-studded event in Malayalam names Celebrity Cricket Club. It is one of the most popular and vibrant events in Malayalam film industry. As a part of the expansion and well structured futuristic plans, Celespot Media adopted some changes and a facelift. The company is now all set with new marketing techniques and plans for the upcoming films.

We are informing that one of our famous Page ‘The Final News is also rebranding as ‘Celespot media’ with 3.7million Likes and thanks for all the love and support you have shown to our page ‘The Final News’ and kindley please show the same love and support to our ‘Celespot Media’

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