Check-in at Naaz Lifestyle and win Cash Vouchers

Cash prizes will be given to the winners of the 'Check-in' contest.

Naaz Lifestyle Trivandrum is conducting a one of a kind contest titled “Checkin @ Naaz and win Cash Vouchers“. The contest starts from today onwards and this is the first time that such a contest is hosted in Trivandrum.

How it works?

A Kiosk is placed at the Naaz Lifestyle Mall for the people to check-in. All you have to do is to visit Naaz Lifestyle and check-in with Naaz on Facebook using the  kiosk. You can also use your mobile phone to check-in after visiting Naaz lifestyle. People who ‘Check-in’ from their mobile should give their e-mail ID and phone number to Naaz.

Each week from the list of people, who checked-in with Naaz, winners will be chosen at random. Cash prizes will be given to the winners of the ‘Check-in’ contest.

Check-in @ Naaz contest became a hit from the first day itself and got huge response even during the period of trial run. The “Check-in @ Naaz” contest is powered by and is a part of the online social media campaign.

Naaz Lifestyle at Pulimoodu, Trivandrum is a 7-storey showroom with branded apparel and accessories for men, women, kids and teens. It also has household items such as gifts and crockery items.

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