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December 21 2012 | by Ashwin Kartha

Did you say ‘RAPE’?

We claim to be way ahead of the world in so many areas. Then why does this ‘treatment towards women’ not move an inch?

rape 1 (rp)
1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
3. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

This word seems to have taken a completely new meaning in our lives.

This post comes as a result of the recent outburst in the number of rape cases that have come to light.

I have but just one question to ask. Why do these things happen in such large numbers ONLY in India?

We claim to be way ahead of the world in so many areas. Then why does this ‘treatment towards women’ not move an inch?

We have some states with the highest levels of education. Still we have rape. I was shocked to read the news of a family where a father and son raped their daughter/sister! is this what we call ‘educated’?

I, in no way am trying to impose that the other countries around us are better. Rape happens everywhere. You and I cannot change that. But the point is, why does it happen at large in India.

The Delhi rape incident was just the perfect example of where we are headed in terms of prosperity! Out of all the places, it had to happen in Delhi, the nations capital!

Opinions/stories/blogs and even media showcases will not make a difference until You and I bring about that change.

For all the boys/men/people who think they are men – Just think about this : how many times have you walked the streets of your own city, looked at a girl, and said to either yourself/your friend – “Wow!..look at her”!

If the answer to that question is even ‘just once’ then you have your answer..Its in you! You need to change yourself before deciding what the police, media or country should do!

I’ll leave you with this punch line that’s used in one of the TV commercials : ” Jaago India, Jaago!”

Written by: Ashwin Kartha

A Mechanical Engineer and an MBA in Project Management, I have walked the walk of life in the most twisted manners possible. Nothing seems to have come to me very easily expect for the ability to myself express through words. Travelling, cooking, eating and dreaming are some of the things I do best. Meeting new people and discovering new cultures is something I love a lot. A fresh NRI in the making and a stanger to many others, my version of the world is what I intend to share!

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