EntePoojappura: Cultural capital of the Capital by Hari R Panicker

A random photograph taken here probably can capture “Trivians” from all shores, says Hari.

Poojapura being the cultural capital is strictly a personal perception. Likewise Statue Jn is considered as the official capital Chalai/Bheemapalli as the commercial capital and so on.

Poojappura Round

If we can draw a giant arc towards the west with a giant compass with its spike fastened at Jagathy, the home of Kerala’s all-time favourite comedian: JagathySreekumar and another arc with the spike fastened at Mudavanmughal, the home of Kerala’s pride: Mohanlal, they will coincide at Poojapura. A random photograph taken here probably can capture “Trivians” from all shores.

Saraswati Mandapam

On the way from Kattakada to Karamana, first we can notice a Saraswati Mandapam on the right where classical dance forms and other arts are occasionally presented but mostly during the Pooja holidays. At that time the ‘Poojapura ground’ just behind the Mandapam becomes the venue of a yearly carnival with giant wheel (not so giant!), merry-go-round, motorbike death-trap and other ingredients a typical village carnival has. For the rest of the year Poojappura ground is the place for all sorts of amateur and club sports, both practice and game. Cricket, football, cycle polo, softball, you name it-they play here. The spectator area will be occupied by gangs of youth and loners.

Poojappura ground

For the majority, watching the game is of least interest as they are there to peacefully hold their nicotine cannons without the fear of cops. Yup, Poojappura ground is one of those safe places to smoke in the capital city area. The age spectrum is incomplete without mentioning the kid’s park just outside ground and to the left of Mandapam. Area outside this park is often utilised for roller-skating practice. Thanks to Trivandrum Corporation, the Poojappura traffic circle is a beautiful small park with a fountain and park benches are often occupied by senior citizens. These all are just across one of the honey pots of  Trivandrum, LBSITW which gives Poojappura another carnival atmosphere during their inter-collegiate fest, Yagna-Dhruva.

Childrens Park Poojappura

Poojappura Central Jail

Above all, EntePoojappura is a serene place at the heart of  Trivandrum city to hang out an evening and have a chit chat while sipping hot tea from any of those 8-10 Thattukadas/Tea-Stalls even for those who had had enough of the artificiality of Ambrosia or All-Spice.

Photos: Hareesh Jayakumar

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