Interview With Angel Glady (Trans-gender activist)

Theater is my passion. I would like to do more plays, says Angel Glady.

The first tans-gender graduate from Madras University Angel Glady is unique in every way. Here, she talks about her journey from Paul Gladin to Angel Glady.

  • When did you came to know of your transformation?

Even though I came to know of this from a very young age, I kept it as a secret. I did not want to reveal this to anyone because trans genders had a very law status in society. They either went into prostitution or begging.

  • I believe you wanted to make a difference

Yes……that’s right. I wanted to study, work and live like any normal person .So I decided that I will tell the world who I am , only when I get into college.

  • How was your college life ? Where your classmates supportive?

Those were the best days of my life. My friends were really supportive and they helped me a lot to cope with the situation.

  • What was your family’s reaction?

Well, not a positive one. My brother even took an oath upon the bible that he and my parents will never speak to me. But you know as seasons change people also change. Today, my brother Marshall is my best friend.

  • What is the public’s attitude towards people like you?

People still don’t accept us as a part of their social life….but there is a surprising change in Chennai, where I live. We are accepted there. When I apply to institutions, there are 3 options in the space to specify our sex… male,female,third-gender. I opt ‘female’ because now I am a Women.

  • How was the atmosphere at your workplace ?

I worked with TCS in the beginning it was all good..but you know after I changed to Angel ,I was thrown out.

  • Have you thought about writing a book on your experience?

Not a book….. I have my own blog where I share all my thoughts.

  • What else do you do other than social work?

I am very much interested in theater. I work with many theater groups in Chennai. My thoughts find expression there.

Theater is my passion. I would like to do more plays. I would also like to work for the betterment for those who belong to my community. I want to help them so that they can get out of their pitiable state. I am sure that none will opt prostitution if they are educated.

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