It’s Complicated !

Communication tools in general and Social networking in particular has changed the way people think about and interact with each other.

People are often curious to know about others’ relationship statuses. Many are Single, some are Committed. Sometimes they’ve tied the knot (finally). It doesn’t mean all is well at all times! The social networking sites give you a variety of options to choose from, depending on whether you are Single, Committed, Married or whatever other options one can possibly think of.

Some people are at their wit’s end defining their relationship statuses, thanks to the many “people” they “deal” with on a 24hr time frame  It is sad but true that relationships are losing their sheen at a time when “keeping in touch” has paved way for SMSs, WhatsApp messages, Updating statuses, and Liking and Commenting on them, without a tinge of emotional consideration.

Communication tools in general and Social networking in particular has changed the way people think about and interact with each other. Here’s looking at some common “conversations” between A and B, and then let’s see where we are headed to. Purely fictional, but if you find any similarities with any of your friends or anyone else, it’s quite unintentional.. ;)


A: Where are you ?

B: Outside with some friends. Where are you ?

A: Home. Alrit, see you later.

B: Sure.. See you later. TC.


Its 2pm in the afternoon. SMS on phone.

A: Hey what’s up!

B: I think you forgot me.

A: Err…  What happened..? What did I do??

B: Half the day is over and not a single buzz yet!

A: Oh… I was busy with some work.

B: Ok. FINE.

Case 3


A: Hey I was looking up your profile some time back. How come you are not on my friends’ list now..??

B: Oh that… the other day when we had a fight, I unfriended you.

A: What!! (Thinks… What the ****!)

A Receives a notification mail about a new friend request.

B: I just added you back now.. J Add me.

After sometime, B: Why are you not adding me..?? L  So you hate me now..??? Don’t talk to me anymore..!!

A: Go to hell..!

Case 4


A updates status: This movie is awesome. Fun time, all these people here!

Likes the status and comments: Enjoy..!! J

Late at night…

A: Hey where are you..? Not online??

B: Had dinner and now out for a movie with a friend.  J

A: So I am not important for you… Ok Fine. Have a good time with friend, and the movie. (Turns off the phone)

B: K Holy ****!!

It’s up to you to decide who among them, A and B, is a guy or a gal and neither of them are bad people. Their reactions are relative to each other and exaggerated at times. Well, some of you may not agree with it but, these are some common conversations among people who say they are in some kind of relationships. For some people, such circumstances are rare and for some, quite common.

Now you know what people mean when their relationship status reads neither single nor committed. Yes… It’s the confusing state of relationships… And that’s why it is called, “It’s COMPLICATED”!!

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