School Goes MAD!

At LMS Nazria shared her first day at school experience with Kids and
wished kids all the very best for the year to come

After 2 months of summer vacation filled with fun,sleep, food and no studies comes a day when the school reopens and children needs to get into their uniforms,pack their bags and go to school. We have all been lazy to go to school on the reopening day and always were home sick on the day. So our parents made sure that they accompany us to school on the reopening day. But what about those kids who don’t have parents to accompany?

Thats when we, Make a Difference (MAD) thought about this idea. Why don’t we accompany them to school on the school reopening day and give them that special feeling their other friends at school had. So thus came the idea SCHOOL GOES MAD!!! On June 3rd MAD volunteers would meet the kids MAD teaches at Hindu Mahila Mandiram, Poojappura and LMS Wills Girls Hostel , LMS compound and give them a different school reopening experience.

Like always the morning of school reopening day was also a rainy day. All MADsters assembled at LMS Wills girls hostel Palayam and Hindu Mahima Mandir, Poojappura to give their kids the bestest school reopening experience. To add joy to the school reopening day LMS Wills girl’s hostel had Nazria Nazim ( Neram fame actress) as the guest of honour and Hindu Mahila Mandir poojappura had Vimala Menon mam (former principal of Balabhavan) as the guest of honour.

At LMS Nazria shared her first day at school experience with Kids and wished kids all the very best for the year to come. She told them “study well and pray well and get good marks’. Not just that she also distributed notebooks and pen and pencils to kids. The kids dint forget to make her write down a word of appreciation for them on their new note books. Now the biggest surprise came when she promised all the kids at LMS that she would take them all to watch her new movie ‘Neram‘ at the earliest !!! Now isnt that a great school reopening day gift from the starlet ? After that MAD volunteers went along with the
kids to their school ( Cotton Hill) wished them a good year ahead and met their teachers and spend some time along with them at the schools ‘Praveshanolsavam‘.

At Mahila Mandir the event started at 8am.Vimala Menon mam was already famous among the kids as she used to visit them to tell stories. But this was a real new experience to her.

She wished all the children a very great year ahead and told them ” never forget the school you studies, your friends and the teachers who taught you at school ever in your life and always keep them close to you’. She game them all new books and pencils, talked to them personally and signed all their books personally.After that MAD volunteers took the children on their first day to school.

Swathi Nair a MADvolunteer told” this is one day that we all MADsters await for every year. The feeling and satisfaction that it gives is
very special’

Archana Sampath, Sakthi and Shankar who went with the kids to Cotton Hill told ” I felt like i am a real parent who was there at the school my kids first day. It was a special feeling to see your kids smile at you and wave hands at you. This is a day that we would never forget in our lives’.

At the moment from the part of make a difference we would like to thank 92.7 Big FM’s listeners who gifted  the books and pencils for
the kids. There were also other kids who put in their share to it. Now what we hope is that not just the first day but the years to come would also be happy days for our children and they make it big in their lives. We are sure together we can make a big difference!!

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