HappyLand; the happiest place you can be, says Karunakaran Nambiar, MD

HappyLand is a joint enterprise begun by a group of ‘Gulf Malayalees’. The thought behind the venture was to create job opportunity for the youth in our state.

Dr.C.V Karunakaran Nambiar, Managing director of HappyLand, Trivandrum talks about his association with HappyLand and how it came to be a success story attracting hordes of visitors daily to the park. Excerpts from his interview

What inspired HappyLand?

HappyLand is a joint enterprise begun by a group of ‘Gulf Malayalees’. The thought behind the venture was to create job opportunity for the youth in our state. We believed the entertainment sector will be ideal to start an enterprise. Thus HappyLand was born.

Why Trivandrum was chosen for HappyLand?

First we thought of Kannur, but decided against it because another amusement park was already established there. Trivandrum the capital city seemed the best choice for such an endeavour. An amusement park at Trivandrum was a novel idea with great potential. So we thought we could make the most of it.

Did you have any before-hand experience in this sector?

Actually, I have been working in a totally different field before. This was all new to me when I started. Owing to various reasons, I had to stay back and iron out the teething problems which are natural to any new venture. Meanwhile I learned a lot about running an amusement park and decided to go forward with the project.

What sets HappyLand apart from other amusement parks?

People usually visit an amusement park to spend leisurely and tension-free day with their family and generally have a good time. However, many parents feel that some rides are too dangerous and feel anxious about their kids riding on them. But, the whole concept of HappyLand is different. The rides are designed in such a way that whole family can enjoy the day, tension-free. HappyLand, as the name suggests is truly a happy land.

How many people visit HappyLand monthly on average?

On an average, we get about 25,000 visitors a month which will be manifold during vacation seasons.

What about safety and hygiene?

We have a maintenance team who is responsible for safety as well as hygiene. Daily, before the park opens, the team will do trial-run of all the rides for 1 hour and file a report. If any ride is found faulty, it will be shut down for repairs. As regards quality of water, we have an on-site filter plant which will maintain quality on par with drinking water. The ph level, Chlorine level etc will be continuously monitored. HappyLand is ISO certified We don’t compromise on quality of food also. Being NRIs we are well aware of international standards and we follow the same standards here.

Tell us about your future plans?

We plan to include resorts and ayurvedic spa as part of our expansion project. The preliminary works are already underway. Emphasis will be on water theme park because everybody loves to play in water. Our goal is to make HappyLand a resort-cum-water theme park.

Can you tell us something about your achievements?

I have gained several recognitions for my services in this sector. I have been awarded Doctorate in Tourism, National award, Nehru award, Gandhi peace foundation award and many more. I value these recognitions in my life very highly.

Earlier I had worked for 16 years for a British company in Middle East and I have gained much in these years. Now, I am employing the same methods and experience for making HappyLand a success story. I feel happy from the good feedback from my customers and I believe that, this is my greatest reward.

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