‘Jail cakes’ soon to be hot cakes!

When you hear the word Prison, what's the first thought now? Yes, yummy chappathi-chicken curry, idli-sambar and now delicious cakes!

As Christmas is round the corner, Kannur Central Prison is planning to bring their cakes to public with the brand name ‘Jail cakes‘. The sale of food prepared in jails are a hit in cities, with Thiruvananthapuram Central Prison came up with Chappathis and later with Idlis.

The Kannur Central Prison proved their first attempt ‘Malabar Chapathis‘ to be a success with a daily sale of 30,000 chapathis and 2500 egg curries from their own sales counter in front of jail. The same success story happens in capital city but it mostly depends on mobile sales so when compared Kannur’s success is a record.

The cake baking will soon be a reality in Kannur prison if the prison authorities manage to obtain a mixing machine and oven for this purpose. The Thiruvananthapuram Central Prison’s ‘Idli-Sambar’ is a success story and a proposal is under consideration for the same in Kannur prison. The instant success of ‘Malabar Freedom’ chappathis enthused the workers and authorities that made them think of Idilis and ‘Jail Cakes’.

Now the doubtful question arise-What’s happening in prisons now-a-days? Long back such a success story was heard from Tihar Jail where prisoners make materials other than food and sell it through outlets. The same success story happens here in Kerala Jails, prisoners are directed through a right track to lead a life of their own. The prisons now prove to be right school to track the wrong children. Let the success story continue…

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