‘Jerry’s Performance’: Quality performance delivered!

The shop also features 3D Maxspider Kagu mats, which is high-end mats customized differently for various cars.

#EnteThiruvananthapuram: Jerish Backer aimed to deliver genuine and high quality car accessories when he opened ‘Jerry’s Performance’ three years back. After initial struggles, his venture has gained the reputation of providing the best quality car accessories in our city. Whether it be remapping, filters or high quality audio systems, Jerry’s performance is the ultimate destination for you. High quality imported audio systems is one of the major highlights of the shop.

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Here JBL and Pioneer are the most famous brands. What I wanted was to provide high quality audio systems at a price anyone spend for JBL and all. We feature famous brands like Morel (Israel), Rainbow (Germany), Kicker (America), SoundStream (America) and Rockford Fosgate (America). Brands like Morel ranges from Rs12,000 to Rs3,00,000”, adds Jerish. Usually car accessory shops in the city try to force available alloys to the customers. Here, best quality car alloys are imported according to customer’s preferences. Advanti, GTR, EVO etc are some of the premium alloys brands featured here.

Jerry’s Performance alloys

Jerish even aims at providing the best quality connecting wires for the audio systems. For that he has connecting wires of companies like StreetWires, Kicker etc in his shop. The shop also features 3D Maxspider Kagu mats, which is high-end mats customized differently for various cars. The shop offers you services like Diesel Oil Treatment, Car Wash, Tyre Foam etc. They also suspension modifications for most of the Indian cars like Skoda, Benz, BMW, Audi, Ford,Chevy Cruze etc with German made Bilstein suspension.

Jerry’s Performance soundstream

What about some new perfume brands in your car? Areon Ken (Bulgaria), Pinotti (Serbia) and Fruit Can (Malaysia) are some of the imported perfume brands you could come across in this shop. Other than a Facebook page, Jerish hasn’t done any type of promotional stuffs to endorse his shop. He says that customer strength and mouth publicity is the reason behind his shop’s fame. “This is more of a passion for me. Quality customization is what we give the customers. When we give quality service, trust naturally gets birth in customer”, says Jerish.

Enquiries @ +914714066363 / 9846523000

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