Kudumbasree Fete-Rustic cooks steal the show

Kudumbasree fest is a treat to the heart and tummy. Those who once visit are prompted to visit again.

The visitors who dropped down at the food festival are enthralled by the tasty food made by the natives and now the capital city is flowing to Puthirikandom Maidanam where the Kudumbasree is conducting a sale-food-cultural festival. The festival was constituted by the Kudumbasree on the Kerala Day, 1 November 2012. From the day one onwards there is an incessant flow of commoners to VIPs to the ground to taste the variety foods from other districts of the state.

The representatives from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu attended the national seminar conducted by the National Village Livelihood Mission. The Travancore special in the food festival were eight varieties of pan cakes from the Athiyanoor Unit-Pinapple, banana, beaten rice, prawns, Kima, dates, Athiyanoor ada and Ottada.

The ‘Cafe Kudumbasree‘ the programme constituted by the Kumarakam Responsible Tourism bring in seven type of lake fish dishes along with other fish dishes which attract people to Kumarakam Counter.

The four stalls are the major attraction of the Kudumbasree’s Malabar unit. People flock to the the Sarovaram Palakkad Kudumbasree unit to get Ramaseri Iddali, Nadan Kozhi curry, Kuttidosa, Mulayari payasam and Kinnathappam. To taste the own Thalassery taste go tot he Venma Thalassery unit for Unnakai, Saipola, Irachipatthala, Irachi Porotta, Kaikritha, Kozhikkalu and last but not the least the Thalassery Dam Biriyanies. The Counters encountered rush for Kappaputtu, fish curry and Nadan Kozhi Curry. There were people’s rush at the Thrissur Cafe to drink seven varieties of gooseberry juices.

The Sreyas Ferok unit brought in Chattipathiri, Pazham Nirachathu, Kappapodi puttu and the Naveena Koilandi unit has Malabar Kozhivarattu, Koilandi pathiri and Kappa-meencurry. The four sections of the festival has variety of products from all the 14 districts.

The flow of the crowd is not only for the food festival but also for viewing the cultural programmes. The cultural groups of the Kudumbasree from other districts of the state are conducting the cultural programmes.

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