We Re-shared a 9-month Old News and Mainstream Media Mistakenly Reported It Like Latest News!

Photo Credit: The QuadCam Bros
Photo Credit: The QuadCam Bros

Social media is a great tool for reaching out to masses all over the world. But there is a downside too!

Recently, we saw many news about our Trivandrum being selected as the best city in India on many major TV channels and online Media. Major TV news channels such as Asianet News even made a detailed report on the matter and aired it on their channel. Various online and print media also quickly jumped on this bandwagon. But was the news true or false? The answer is both are correct!

Trivandrum was indeed selected as the best city in India for ‘Quality of Life’ according to a survey. There is no doubt about that. However, that news was first released in March 15th 2016, almost 9 months back. Here is the proof. Entecity covered that news that time.


You can read the whole news here –  Trivandrum ranked as the No.1 Indian City for ‘Quality of Life’! 

So how did an old outdated news came back again?

A few days ago, we Entecity re-shared that same news article written 9 months ago by our own staff on our Facebook page. The news article went viral all over social media and all the major media including online, print and visual media picked it up and made a report about it. Because they all thought it was a latest news.  They failed to fact check the news causing it to go viral all over again.

It’s not the first time, something like this happening.  Many newspapers and online media have been victims of onion articles or fake news. Many satirical stories or fake news often wind up getting reported as actual news just because their reporters and editors failed to fact check the source.

Netiziens also make this mistake. People often share posts on Facebook without checking its credibility. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is real and what is a fake news. The bottom line is that everyone should use their better judgement and try to verify the facts before sharing on their wall. Think twice before you share!

If you thought this was funny wait till you see this

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