‘Manava Shakthi’ – A History exhibition on the October Revolution

The exhibition ' Manava Shakthi' will showcase Russia’s history and revolution.

City commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the October Revolution by organising a history exhibition and the related programs commenced on Nov 2nd and will go on till the 5th of November.  The three-day long exhibition has been organised by the Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) and has been titled ‘Manava Shakthi’.

‘Manava Shakthi’ was inaugurated by SUCI state committee member, S Rajeevan, at Putharikandom Maidanom. The exhibition will showcase Russia’s history and revolution. The exhibition aims at explaining  the October revolution and the rich culture of Russia through pictures, photographs and research documents.

 The exhibition will give an idea of how the revolution led to the progress of working class and how it changed the course of modern history in the emancipation of women by providing them equal opportunities with men in social, economic, political, and educational fields, said G S Padmakumar SUCI (Communist) state secretariat member to TOI.

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