Mixed reactions and trolls greet Kerala State Film Awards

The award announcement was greeted by a huge number of trolls this time, mostly about Dulquer Salmaan

Awards and controversies have always been two sides of the same coin. Our state film awards are always subjected to controversies, the extent of it increasing yearly. The award announcement was greeted by a huge number of trolls this time, mostly about Dulquer Salmaan who won the award for Best Actor. Actors like Mammootty, Prithviraj or Jayasurya were expected to win this coveted award, however Dulquer overpowered them in the last moment. This ignited too many discussions as many feel his performance is not on par with the others. The disagreement also exists in the categories of Best Director and Best Screenplay. However, Dulquer finally ended up being the key target of trolls. Was that fair? Is it just the best actor award or the awards in whole which made mockery of the film lovers? Let’s go through some of the interesting reactions we received.



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Personally, I feel Charlie was poor in subject and performance. However, I am surprised that it bagged many awards including best screenplay since I found it to be a Kerala Tourism promo video. I have seen Dulquer perform better on screen. And Jomon T John had good looking visuals, but it doesn’t qualify to be cinematic, any of the three films. I haven’t seen most of the films and I will not be surprised to know that they were not better, if they are not, otherwise I should be in shock to know how films are judged and read. However my wishes are with those who won and those who did not”.

Kiran Sasi (Assistant Professor, Indie Filmmaker)


“The Kerala state awards have yet again sparked a series of controversies and discussions. I was initially unhappy with the jury’s decision to give the award for the best actor to Dulquer Salmaan. But then later on, my opinion changed. Mammootty’s performance in Pathemari was brilliant, but it’s something we have been seeing for long time. Same is the case with Prithviraj and Jayasurya. While each of them was brilliant in their particular roles, when it comes to portrayal of these roles on screen, there isn’t anything new for us. Perhaps many of our other talented actors could have done these roles with the same perfection. This is where Dulquer Salman scores. Charlie is not a character that we see every day in movies and it is without any doubt Dulquer’s best character till date. He gave soul to that character and has portrayed it with perfection. I strongly believe that none of our young actors could’ve done this particular role better than him. This should be appreciated. Perhaps, Jayasurya deserved this award more, but that doesn’t mean Dulquer doesn’t deserve it, it’s just a matter of how you see these characters”.

Ziyan, Movie Buff



At a point of time, State awards were sought-after by both the cinema fraternity as well as cinema aficionados; this time the announcement was sought-after by the social media for an entirely different reason – ‘to make trolls’. But the awards themselves have come to become an all-appeasing event. The awards are distributed equally to please the commercial and art wings of cinema alike. Whether this is a good thing is a debate which will, beyond doubt, open a new can of worms”.

Deepa Antony (Journalist, Voice Artist)


“Our film awards have never ever appreciated the persons who truly deserve the awards. It’s weird that Dulquer is given the best actor award when actors like Jayasurya and Prithviraj have given some stellar performances. We have to accept all these as actors like Nivin Pauly and Nazriya were honored in this category last year. I ‘m a fan of Nivin Pauly, but choosing him over the other deserving actors was unacceptable. The same thing happened this year too”.

Nimisha, Painting Artist


“What’s wrong in giving Best Actor award to Dulquer? He didn’t buy it, the jury awarded him! The trolls and status were all about other deserving actors; none of them underrated his performance. He had given a great performance in Charlie and I feel it’s unfair to target him. Maybe actors like Prithviraj or Jayasurya gave much better performance in their movies, but that doesn’t mean he performed badly or didn’t deserve the award. Compared to last year awards, the decisions are far better”.

Anoop A.V, (Assistant Manager, CSB)




I think it’s great that the jury is willing to award movies like ‘Ozhivu Divasathe Kali’ which are not mainstream. But at the same, the inconsistency in selection is disturbing. It is like they are trying to please both the parties rather than rewarding the best works without any bias”.

Aswin, Movie Buff


“I’m bewildered about the award selection. The list of awardees made me happy, but still there’s an incompleteness surrounding it. One thing is for sure that Mammootty should have been given the best actor award for Pathemari”.

Lekshmi, MBA Student

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