Mobile internet in India to takeover Broadband

Mobile internet

The report shows, 51.63% of the internet usage are from mobile devices like smart phones and tablet and the rest 48.37% comprises of desktop users.

India’s mobile internet usage over take fixed-line broadband. According to the latest report from the website “StatCounter” the number of people using mobile internet beat fixed-line broadband users from August. The report also indicated that this trend will only increase in the coming years.

India is one of the first countries to see internet dominated by mobile devices. In western countries smart phones enables the people to access the internet by bringing it to their pockets. While in India the situation is entirely different. Considering the fact that there is a lack of widespread internet access, that keeps the majority offline, this new trend is definitely revolutionary. Thanks to web-enabled devices more and more Indians are getting online.

However country’s internet penetration rate remains below 10%.Experts says this makes the smart phones and tablet the most preferred internet platform for millions in the country. Meanwhile in China, the rise in mobile web is an indication of its increasing demand for smartphones. But in India, mobiles phones are used to connect those who don’t have access to online services.

This give rise to new emerging markets all over the country. Many new companies are coming forward with real time location based internet services. However given the size of India’s population, mobile is unlikely to have a huge impact in the country as there are more than 1 billion people offline.

mobile internet india

There are still many things to do in the country. Many people are unaware of the capabilities of their smart phones. Budget smart phones like Nokia’s Asha series-which is exclusively made for India- remain unknown to those people who could get benefit from them. As the price of smart phones is getting lower day by day, more people will be able to enjoy internet on the move. With 4G on the roll, India has taken a leap in the mobile phone communication. Already Bharti Airtel launched 4g service initially for their dongles.

While Metros and other large cities already have high rate of Smartphone ownership and fixed-line internet access, it is the rural areas that get most of the benefits from mobile internet. Since rural areas are having fewer infrastructures that limit the range of services, Mobile internet can be easily introduced without much effort.

Although measuring the mobile internet and desktop internet remains an imprecise study. Like any finding the reports from “StatsCounter” is clear indicative of the future trend of internet usage in India.

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