National Games village and game venues to be landscaped

A 50,000 sq. feet of area around 275 cottages will be covered in carpet grass and greenery.

As the 35th National Games scheduled to begin on January 31, game organizers are focused on landscaping the games village at Menamkulam and at other venues.

National games organizers have joined hands with the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanical Garden Research Institute (JNTBGRI) to carry out landscaping and greening works at the games village and venues.

The project cost is Rs 50 lakh and works are expected to be completed in about three weeks.

Now, land clearing works are on at the games village and pipes for water supply were installed last week. Around 10 acres of the total 36-acre area of the games village will be landscaped with 9 theme parks along with a Tennis Club and squash court.

The themes on the park include `spirit of sports’ theme which showcases statues of the games mascot followed by¬† ‘traditional games’ theme which focuses on kalaripayattu and other martial arts and ‘art forms of the state’ theme which showcases kathakali, theyyam and margamkali. Other themes include natural habitat’ representing the food chain and greenery around, ‘tribal habitat’ with bamboo huts, ‘spices garden’, ‘medicinal garden’ with focus on sports medicine, ‘bamboo garden’ and ‘driftwood garden’ with succulent plants on pieces of drift wood.

Apart from theme parks, a 50,000 sq. feet area around 275 cottages will be covered in carpet grass and greenery. Bamboo curtains and bamboo canopy will be installed at the 524-meter square area around Tennis Club at Kumarapuram. This will ensure a constant flow of fresh air and provide a noise-free ambience. While, in 185 mt. sq.area around the Squash court in Palayam, shade loving plants such as Anthurium will be planted.

JNTBGRI will shift a collection of potted flowering plants and medicinal plants to the games village five days before the event begins.

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