Neram Malayalam Movie Review by Praveen

The movie 'Neram' falls into the 'Romantic-Action-Comedy' genre and tells the story of a couple.

The much awaited ‘Neram‘ directed by debutant Director Alphonse Puthern hit theatres today. The movie falls into the ‘Romantic-Action-Comedy’ genre and tells the story of a couple.

Mathew played by Nivin Pauly is an unemployed software engineer waiting for his good time. For Mathew, life is always been complicated. Mathew’s childhood friend Jeena Johnykkutty played by Nazriya is the one who provide support to Mathew. However, her father Johnykkutty (Lalu Alex) does not like Mathew and his animosity towards Mathew is an another mess he face.

The problems Mathew faces are not new, but he has only a limited time to find an answer to all this. The story unfolds during the events that happen during a day and things take a dramatic turn when Jeena is kidnapped by Vatti Raja and team, mistaking her for someone else. Does his problem get solved? Will his good times come? The second half holds the answer to these questions.

The film’s first half sets up a good mood with romantic song and light jokes thrown occasionally. By the end of first half, the movie becomes average. In the second half, you may get tired of slow motion runs and fights but you wont be bored. Climax is also good.

Nivin Pauly does a decent acting. Not so great, but his action avatar is good. Nazriya has also done a good job. Shammi Thilakan who comes as a Police officer and Manoj K Jayan have done justice to their roles. Alphonse Puthern’s direction is promising and has been able to create something decently entertaining and watchable.


  • The fresh approach to a familiar story is the highlight of the movie.
  • The humour element in the movie is a plus.
  • Camera works and editing  is brilliant.


  • The movie is slow and dragging towards the end of the first half.
  • Also repeated dialogues spoken by the characters failed to create a punch among the viewers.

Bottom Line: Neram is a watchable movie. It’s a familiar story and there is nothing new in the story line. It may appeal to young audience because of the Tamil style. Go in with low expectations and you will enjoy Neram.

Neram Verdict: Watchable

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