Now You Can Request Medical Tests at Your Doorstep! Thanks to This Trivandrum Based Startup

What if you can request a Medical test on your doorstep? Pick2Heal is the answer!

To have a Medical test you need to go to the medical lab and have to wait in the long queue sometimes for hours And the most difficult task? You need to go back to the lab to collect the report. In short two days are waster for a simple medical test. But that’s going to change.

What if you can request a Medical test on your doorstep? Pick2Heal is the answer!

Pick2heal ( ) is a startup based out of Trivandrum which brings transparency in medical testing and creates a level playing field in laboratory testing. When you search for a test online Pick2heal shows you a list of labs that conduct the test along with prices and an option to book the test at special rates and if you need service at your doorstep, can avail the same with discounted price from the best labs nearby.  Pick2Heal helps you to find the best affordable lab for your health test.

That’s not all, Pick2Heal allows the patients to access the report from anywhere at any time and can be used as an online repository for the same, that too without compromising privacy.

Pick2Heal is headquartered in Kerala Startup Mission at Technopark, Trivandrum and will launch the service in Cochin soon. The company was founded by Mr Prasanth Peethambaran, with the idea of aligning the interests of customers and diagnostic centres.

“Our mission is to solve the problems of the medical domain with technology and innovation,” said Mr Prasanth Peethambaran, CEO of pick2heal. “You can check prices and book tests online through the website / mobile app.” We have some criteria for choosing labs and that’s how we are ensuring that the patient will get the best service at an affordable price at their doorsteps. Health, wealth and time three of them are important in today’s fast-moving life!!

“For instance, our natural assumption was that patients go to the labs that their doctors recommend. But there is a new category of educated patients who research the tests, search for alternatives. Those are our natural target customers. And also when we take 1000 people, among 200 of those thousand will have a chronic illness like diabetes and thyroid. They should have to do blood tests like HbA1c and TSH on every 2 to 3 months interval without any doctor’s prescription” says Prasanth Peethambaran.

Pick2heal has also tied up with diagnostic labs to offer discounts on tests booked through their website/app.

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