Sculptures at junctions to add Trivandrum’s beauty!

TRDCL hopes to complete the project within five months once it gets the green signal.

In a bid to give a new look to the city roads and junctions, TRDCL the implementing agency behind CRIP works has decide to install different types of sculptures on selected spots in the city.

The new initiative will be part of TRDCL’s ongoing city beautification project. The project will be carried in association with Fine Arts College, Trivandrum. The company has already approached Cultural Affairs Department regarding the project.

“We are planning to place different types of sculptures in the city junctions which come under our project limits. The sculptures made by students of Fine Arts College here will be placed there. The themes of the sculptures will be decided based on the historical background of the locations,” said TRDCL Managing Director Anil Kumar Pandala to Indian Express.

Spaces where sculptures will get attention will be chosen for the project. By placing these sculptures in the public spaces, the budding artists will get maximum reach for their works. “In the case of exhibitions or ‘biennale’, the public has to go to a particular place to view these works” he said.

The junctions which already have statues or other historical monuments will be avoided. However it’s hard to find a junction in Trivandrum that is free from these statues. TRDCL will also approach Trivandrum City Corporation to arrange facilities to light up the sculptures.

The final decision on this project will be taken as early as possible and TRDCL hopes to complete the project within five months once it gets the green signal.

This is not the first time that TRDCL is coming up with this initiative. Back in 2008, TRDCL had approached Fine Arts College with the same proposal. But it didnt materialise.

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