9 Things You Must Know If You Are Going To Kerala’s First T20I

The stadium is a Zero Waste Zone and around 50 Kudumbashree volunteers have been appointed to maintain the cleanliness of the stadium.

Whether this is going to be your first live match experience or not, it is always helpful to have a rundown on the things you must make sure before you reach the stadium -you know, a comprehensive checklist.  Bookmark this list because you would want to refer to it as the days get closer and the excitement kicks in.

Let us give you a fair share of warning. The place is going to be packed!


Six different areas around the stadium have been arranged with parking facilities for over 20,000 vehicles.

  • Karyavattom University Campus
  • Karyavattom College Campus
  • L.N.C.P Compound
  • Karyavattom B.Ed Centre

Special arrangements have been made for providing parking facilities to VIP vehicles. The left hand side of the stadium would cater to two wheeler parking only.

KCA has introducedSpacy T20 Trivandrum’, a mobile application to help the public with smooth parking. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.


KSRTC will provide special transport services for spectators on the 7th of November. Buses will ply to The Sports Hub Trivandrum from Thampanoor central bus terminal, East Fort bus terminal and railway station bus stand. The services will be available from the afternoon of the day of the match.

KSRTC services will be available from the afternoon of the day of the match.

Special services and reservation facilities have been arranged for public who are travelling from nearby cities like Kochi, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam. Boarding point for return will be near the stadium, after the match.


Including the Leela Palace and the Stadium, security systems have been divided into five zones. The security of these five zones shall be supervised by the Assistant Superintendents of Police and a total of 2500 policemen reporting to them. To safe guard the spectators and players, the security officers at the entrance and gallery will be on high alert. 

Every nook and corner of the stadium shall be inspected using CCTV cameras and drones will be used for aerial view of the entire hub.  Fire force, ambulance and emergency medical team will be at disposal. 


The match will kickoff at 7.00 pm on the 7th of November. The gates will be open to onlookers by evening 4.00.


There are four gates to the stadium,

  • Gate 1            :  This is the main entrance and will be open to spectators.
  • Gate2 and 3:  This gate will be accessible for emergency services.
  • Gate 4            :  Entry for players and VIP will be through this gate.


People who hold the Rs.2000 tickets will be seated at the upper bowl, right next to the pavilion, and will have a better view of the stadium.

Lower bowl provides seating facilities to the Rs.1000  ticket holders. Chairs have been arranged for the Rs.700 tickets and people with the Rs.350 tickets will occupy the space near the gallery.


Apart from the eateries in the hub, refreshments will be available on payment through the various stalls that will be set up at the stadium. The upper bowl will have stalls by the ‘Food for Freedom Café’, Kudumbashree and other private catering units.  Only private catering units will have stalls in the lower bowl. Bottled drinking water will be provided.


It should not come as a surprise to you, but there are some heavy restrictions on what you can take into the venue and how you should behave. A brief list is below.

  • Bottles, lighters, cigarette, tins, cans, musical instruments, flammable, toxic, illegal or hazardous substances, metal containers, umbrellas, sharp objects (such as knives, syringes), cameras, helmets, power bank, selfie stick, wooden sticks, backpack, coins, firecrackers or weapons are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • Any banner or flag of offensive or commercial nature is completely prohibited
  • Children aged  3  years and above require a valid ticket.


The stadium is a Zero Waste Zone and around 50 Kudumbashree volunteers have been appointed to maintain the cleanliness of the stadium. Extended Producer Responsibility will enforced. With all the efforts put in, the government expects public cooperation in making Trivandrum’s first T20I a grand success.

For more details about the event keep track of the official page of The Sports Hub: https://www.facebook.com/TheSportsHubTvm/ .

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