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Ice Cream To The Rescue: This Ice Cream Parlour at Kowdiar Is Sure To Lift Your Mood Bookmark and Share

Did you know that the ice cream you buy from your average shop is not ice cream but actually a frozen dessert? That’s right. Many shops sell frozen dessert as ice creams. However, there is one ice cream shop in Trivandrum that sells 100% real ice cream, that too made right in front of you. […]

Your Search For Tasty Muffin and Pastry Will End At This Place! Bookmark and Share

There are many shops which are titled as ‘Bakery’ in Trivandrum. But very few justify it and The Muffin House is one. The Muffin House is no stranger to foodies in Trivandrum. The feel of the place is uber cool with a rustic and charming interior. On entering the first thing that hits you, yes […]

Fancy a Steak? Head to This Restaurant in Kuravankonam Bookmark and Share

Kowdiar- Kuravankonam stretch has become hottest food destination in the city. This stretch houses more food joints than any other street in the city.  With its variety of speciality restaurants, cafes, bakeries and takeaways dishing up delectable treats Kuravankonam have undergone a culinary transformation. Now the latest entrant in this stretch is Olds Cool.   […]