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Posts Tagged ‘ Health ’

A Camera for detecting Cancer! by CESS, Trivandrum Bookmark and Share

In the treatment of cancer, early detection of the disease is very important as is often stated by oncologists. A camera which makes early detection of cancer has been developed by scientists at the bio-photonic lab of Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS), Trivandrum. The camera utilises diffuse reflectance imaging system (DRIS) for giving distinct […]

Are You an Internet Addict? Beware of Internet-Use Disorder! Bookmark and Share

Are you the type of person who spent hours on Internet? If you are, we have some bad news for you. Internet-use disorder is a real thing now Thanks to a group of psychiatrists in Australia, Internet-Use Disorder is now officially accepted as a psychiatric disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Of course any self-respecting […]

Diabetes, rising menace in India Bookmark and Share

The habits and attitudes make human healthy, wealthy and wise. Indians are switching from traditional food habits to fast and junk food which plunge them into growing problems such as obesity and diabetes. If Indians want to ensure good health, they should stop consuming fast food and maintain a healthy diet. It is high time […]