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LovePalz – Gadget to simulate Sex! Bookmark and Share

Ever heard of the saying “Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder”? For those who are in Long distance relationship knows this very well. Endless non-Satisfying video chats and occasional meeting on weekends: one can say long distance relationship is definitely a hard commitment for sure. Well not anymore, the latest gadget called the ‘LovePalz‘ is […]

pocket projector for iphone

Turn Your iPhone into a Movie Theater with Pocket Projector Bookmark and Share

So you are watching a movie on your iPhone and you wish you could watch the movie in a large screen. How about enjoying that movie with your whole family? Isn’t it amazing if you could project the screen of your iPhone into your wall so that the whole family can enjoy the movie? Don’t […]

Googles project glass and specification

Project Glass: Google’s eyeglasses for the future Bookmark and Share

Google has a long history of surprising us with many innovations and technologies. Recently the internet giant has come up with yet another innovation named “Project Glass”. Project Glass is one of the most hyped and anticipated projects from Google. Google always try to push the limits of our technology and “Project Glass” is no […]