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The million dollar mini match. Bookmark and Share

The India-NZ T20I which transpired on the 7th of November filled the KCA’s treasury. The game was played for 16 overs (96 balls) and it earned a revenue of Rs.6.88 crores. This match has set a new record for ticket sales and total revenue out of all the other international matches that have been hosted […]

Thiruvananthapuram has raised the bar. The Sports Hub Trivandrum appreciated to be one of the best in the country. Bookmark and Share

The big names in the field of cricket had taken their time out to appreciate the crowd and the top-notch stadium and its services at The Sports Hub Trivandrum. The India-NZ T20I was hosted effortlessly and the entire team behind making the first international event in the city a grand success needs to be appreciated.  […]

‘Spacy T20 Trivandrum’ an app for smooth parking at The Sports Hub Trivandrum Bookmark and Share

KCA has introduced a mobile application to help the public with smooth parking. Spacy T20 Trivandrum assists you in finding the nearest parking spot available and keeps you updated regarding the expected time of arrival. Find a spot to leave your vehicle safe amidst the bustle and enjoy hassle free parking. Are you travelling by […]

Something You Must Know About The IND vs NZ T20I Venue Bookmark and Share

“Do you have anything like The Sports Hub in your city?” is the comeback we all use to defend our city against the ‘We have malls and metro’ argument. A place where life meets action every day, The Sports Hub, Trivandrum is the pride of the city. With its opening, The Sports Hub Trivandrum has set […]

Win Free Tickets to IND vs NZ T20i from The Sports Hub! Bookmark and Share

When The Sports Hub, Trivandrum was thrown open for hosting the National Games two years ago, Trivandrum had received something extravagant. So, it was just obvious that if the first T20 is to be organised in the capital city, the Sports Hub would play host to it. An International match is being played in and […]