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Are We After Brand Names in Food? Bookmark and Share

The KFC outlet in the capital city was forced to pull down their shutter yesterday when a customer complained about wriggling worms in their dish. The cases filed against such restaurants are increasing but there is no change in people getting poisoned through food. Soon after the complaint of the customer, the food safety authorities came […]

Wriggling Worms found in Chicken. Trivandrum KFC shuts down! Bookmark and Share

KFC’s Outlet at Trivandrum has been shut down by the Food Safety officials after a worm was spotted in the chicken bucket by one of the customers. After a series of such incidents that were reported across the state, it is now KFC’s turn much to the shock of the public. Also Read: Are We After Brand […]

Gifted Beach Suffers Darkness Bookmark and Share

People now-a-days flock to Shankhumukham beach because of the scorching heat of the sun. They come here to enjoy the cool breeze of the beach. The coolness is nature’s free gift but those who come to escape from daily chores has to enjoy this in pitch darkness. Bad Boys Club (Boys Against Drugs) of Shankhumugham There […]

PAN bothers train passengers Bookmark and Share

Book your railway tickets online via your PAN card number and your tax filings may show record of something you did not buy. Most of the people quote their PAN card number as identity proof while doing Tatkal bookings. Knowing this, some miscreants have designed a new misuse technique. Know the real time running information […]

For whom we design laws?! Bookmark and Share

Three law breaks from our respected Commission Member: There is enough space to park vehicles in front of Veli Boat Club and DTPC has a marked fees for parking. The respected commission member instead of parking the vehicle in the stipulated area has parked it in the centre of the road. Law Break, isn’t it? […]

Name ‘BAD’ deeds ‘Noble’! Bookmark and Share

The right hand should not know what the left hand is doing, that’s the nobility of charity. Bad Boys, a socially committed group gave away a wheel chair to polio affected Job in the name of Midhun Marcose. The wheel chair was given on the occasion of the prize distribution programme of the Volleyball tournament […]

Open your eyes DTPC! Bookmark and Share

The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) has completed revamped the Veli Tourism Village to make the holidays more enjoyable for tourists. But pity is that the lakeside footpath is totally in a dilapidated condition. The handrails along the footpath has been completed damaged which will cause accident. Slip your legs, sure to fall into the […]

Power cut not to affect Poojappura prison Bookmark and Share

When the whole of Kerala gets plunged into darkness cyclically for half an hour daily, Poojappura prison escapes it as solar powered systems has been installed in the Central Prison. The daily demand of the prison is around 130 kilowatts. According to B.Pradeep, the Superintendent of the prison, the solar energy system has a capacity […]

Cholera on the rise in the Capital Bookmark and Share

Cholera which was thought to be completely erased off  has been detected in the Capital again. It was confirmed for two children in the coastal village of Puthiyathura. A case of cholera has been detected in the State after an interval of 5 years. A large group of health department officials have camped in the […]

Government to supply medicines at your doorsteps Bookmark and Share

The Kerala medical service corporation has come forward with a novel scheme in which medicines will be supplied right at our door steps. There is no longer any need to stand in queues at the medical stores to get the medicines. People can register by depositing Rs5000 or above in multiples of thousand. On acquiring […]