This KSRTC conductor from Trivandrum WhatsApp his passengers live about his bus’s progress!

His WhatsApp updates are a blessing to the 50 odd passengers in his bus.

This conductor in Trivandrum is someone who has taken the term ‘public service’ really seriously and this is what endears him to the passengers of his bus.

Meet Shiju, 39 year old bus conductor hailing from Thachottukavu who carries out his duty in the KURTC Volvo bus which plies from Neyyatinkara to Technopark. What makes him popular among the regular commuters is that he goes that extra mile to ensure that his passengers enjoy the commuting.

A WhatsApp group that is really worth joining

Shiju has created a WhatsApp group which includes these regulars and he will give constant updates as to the progress of the bus from the starting point onwards. His WhatsApp updates are a blessing to the 50 odd passengers in his bus.

With his pleasing manners and endearing smile, Shiju really stands apart from other KSRTC employees. He also takes great care to ensure the comfort of his passengers and is always busy giving tickets, controlling the A/c and also selecting good songs in the music system.

Shiju’s commitment to his job certainly deserves praise and makes one really wish that all public servants take a leaf out of his book and really do their job efficiently.

‌ഒരാൾ മറ്റുള്ളവർക്ക് പ്രിയപ്പെട്ടവനും മാതൃകയും ആകുന്ന നിമിഷം നമ്മൾ അയാളെ ആരാധിച്ചു തുടങ്ങും.നെയ്യാറ്റിൻകര – കഴക്കൂട്ടം …

Posted by Rahul VR on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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