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August 24 2016 | by Rahul

Where to Run in Trivandrum? Top 11 Walking Trails in Trivandrum!

Trivandrum hosts a variety of beautiful green spaces and convenient trails for both professional and recreational runners.

Trivandrum is a great place for urban running. The city offers countless running paths for health-conscious locals and visitors to get their hearts pumping. Whether you are looking for a quick walk or a lengthy jog to burn those extra calories, Trivandrum hosts a variety of beautiful green spaces and convenient trails for both professional and recreational runners.

From the heart of the city to spectacular coastal view of the beach here are some of the best running paths in Trivandrum

#1. Museum Compound

Photo: S. Gopakumar

Photo: S. Gopakumar

The Museum complex is the most popular place for joggers in Trivandrum. Walkers and joggers flock to Museum compound to absorb the beauty of the area, as they get their physical exercise. The place offers a smooth tarred circular track which is around 800m. If that’s too much, you can use the smaller pathway around the Napier museum. The whole circuit is covered with trees which protect you from the morning sun.  You can start your walk as early as from 4am in the morning and closing time is around 9:30pm. On the downside, the whole area gets so crowded with walkers at times.

#2. Kanakakkunnu Palace Grounds

Kanakakunnu Palace

Kanakakunnu Palace

Kanakakkunnu Palace Grounds offers a much less crowded than the Museum compound. However, it doesn’t have a continuous jogging track like its neighbour. Since the place is on the top of a hill, there are several levels of terrain in which you can jog. There are so many steps and slopes especially near the Sooryakanthi Auditorium while walking at Kanakakkunnu Palace grounds. You can also use the outer ring road of the compound. The only downside is that Kanakakkunnu is poorly lit during the night and can be very lonely, so you can only use it during the day.

#3. Shanghumugham Beach

Rs.5 Crore Shanghumugham Beach beautification project progressing fast!

Shanghumugham beach trail is an open opportunity for runners of all kinds. It is a wonderful place to have your early morning run or walk. The footing is pretty good because the sand offers a cushion for your stride and some resistance for strength building and help to burn those extra calories. If you don’t like the idea of running through the sand you can always use the tarmac road or the footpath. We recommend you to always start early because once the sun comes out to play you will roast from exhaustion. So whether you prefer a long walk or scenic running, this beach-front trail is just downright entertaining. The only negative side of Shanghumugham Beach is that it can be little far away from your home.

#4. Putharikandam Maithanam

Putharikandam Maithanam, Source: Explorerkerala.com

Putharikandam Maithanam, Source: Explorerkerala.com

A few years ago government renovated Putharikandam Maithanam by making a walkway along with landscaping the area. Since then Putharikandam Maithanam has become a popular place among walkers and fitness enthusiast in the city. Located in the heart of the city Pazhavangadi, Putharikandam Maithanam offers large open space with lush greenery which is perfect for a morning walk. The walkway is very wide and is paved using flat concrete tiles. There are small mandapams and benches inside the Maithanam where you can sit and catch your breath after a tedious workout. The advantage of Putharikandam Maithanam is that it is easily accessible.

#5. Water Works Compound

Photo: The Hindu

Photo: The Hindu

The campus of the Kerala Water Authority in Vellayambalam offers a good place for runners and walkers. You can use the road inside the KWA campus for your daily exercise. The whole stretch is covered with giant trees which are ideal for jogging. Although it is small compared to Museum compound, the place is not crowded like other places so you can walk freely.

#6. Pangode Military Camp Road

Towards Vijayamohini Mills

Towards Vijayamohini Mills

The road going through the military camp from Pangode to Thirumala and Poojappura is a unique attraction only Trivandrum has. The entire stretch is pedestrian friendly with a paved footpath on either side of the road. Thanks to big trees along the stretch you will never get exhausted from the hot sun. Plus there is always a cool breeze which is a blessing during walking. In the winter season, you may even encounter foggy mist. The area is well maintained, beautified and acts as a breathing lungs for the city. There are no garbage dumps and the air quality is superb.

#7. Medical College ground

Medical College Ground

The Medical college ground is a famous sports destination in the city and at the same time, it is a walker’s paradise. Even though the ground is large, you will find that it is always occupied by football and cricket players. So it is safe to walk on the outer line of the ground. The outer line of the ground is covered in trees so that is an added bonus. You can also walk through the Medical College Campus but it is often crowded with vehicles and people visiting Medical College.

#8. Kowdiar-Museum Footpath



Did you know Trivandrum has one of best pedestrian-friendly footpaths in the country which is on par with the global standard? And one of the best stretches is the Museum-Kowdiar stretch. Here the footpaths are wide and paved with tiles. The footpath is not undulating and always maintain the same level. That’s not all! With landscaping on both sides and the big beautiful trees which provide shade, this stretch is perfect for a morning walk. This is not the only road. Most of the roads developed by TRDCL are ideal for walking.

#9. Trivandrum International Airport

Photo: Scorpiogenius

Photo: Scorpiogenius

You might be surprised to hear that people actually use Trivandrum international Airport Terminal-2 for walking. The parking area and the approach ramp of the Terminal 2 are ideal for a morning walk. No wonder why it’s becoming a popular destination for walkers and fitness enthusiasts. You can start either from the main entrance or from the side entrance at Chakka. The large parking lot of the Terminal-2 offers the best place to stretch your muscle and to do light workouts. Be careful as there is a constant flow of vehicle in and out of the airport. On the downside, there are no trees so it’s better to start your walk very early in the morning.

#10. Poojappura Ground


Another popular destination among walkers in the city is the Poojappura ground and the Bhagat Singh Memorial park adjacent to Poojappura Saraswathi Mandapam. Many Trivandrumites come here for a morning walk or to do their exercise. Like the Medical College ground the Poojappura ground and the park is also used by people indulging in sports. Plus the place is often used by driving schools. So you have to stick to the outer limits of the ground and the park. On the good side, after you are exhausted from your tedious walk, you can always relax at the benches shaded by the trees.

#11. LNCPE Kariavattom


Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education (LNCPE) at Kariavattom is another place Trivandrumites can use for walking and jogging. Operated by Sports Authority of India, LNCPE offers world class facilities for fitness enthusiast in the city. You can not only jog but can also make use of other facilities of the campus such as fitness centre, gym and recreational activities such as roller skating and cricket practise for children. However, LNCPE doesn’t come free. You have to pay a monthly fee to use their facilities. For jogging, you have to shell out Rs 500 per month while it is Rs 2,500 for using the gym.

So there you go. These are some of the popular walking routes in the city. Did we miss anything or is there any place you wish to add this list? Let us know in your comments.

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