Trivandrum City – A Hub Of Sports Stadiums

Of truly international standards and a capacity of 50,000, the stadium in The Sports Hub is multi-purpose in hosting mainly association football and cricket matches.

That’s right, the city accommodates several sports stadiums of international standards.

Being the capital city to the state of Kerala, with its rich Travancore culture, Trivandrum has evolved with time. Major appreciation for sports and athletics in terms of infrastructural support is what we got out of that, so here you go!


This one’s owned by the University of Kerala and located right at the heart of Trivandrum. You’ll find it opposite the seat of the Kerala State Legislative Assembly.

With a capacity of 20,000 the University stadium hosted the first one day international cricket match in Kerala. Being a multi-purpose stadium, it sports a gorgeous synthetic track and predominantly hosts football and other athletics now.


Well, this is the one we’re all talking about now. The Sports Hub Trivandrum, will be hosting the upcoming T201 match between India and New Zealand and will hence become the 50th international cricket venue.

Source: The Sports Hub

Of truly international standards and a capacity of 50,000, the stadium is multi-purpose in hosting mainly association football and cricket matches.

With a construction cost of 3.9 billion INR, this is one grand arena worth a visit in your lifetime.


Belongs to the Kerala police and was constructed in honor of the first Inspector General of Police of Kerala Shri.N. Chandrasekharan Nair, in 1956.


With a capacity of 25,000, the stadium hosted the athletics items of the 35th National Games of India.

The stadium, being multi-purpose, hosts both national and international level matches. Prominently, football matches are what you’ll get to watch now.

It also hosts a government-maintained gymnasium along with air-conditioned hall rooms. If you’ve been wanting to play some hoops for a while, the stadium’s basketball court is open to the public. Ideal time would be between 16:00 to 18:30.


A very well maintained one though was constructed way back in 1987.


If you are to visit, be sure to find the blooming rockstar-players in Badminton (Shuttle) undergo regular practice under a coach from the Sports Authority of India. Training in Gymnastics and Taekwondo are conducted here as well.

With a capacity of 2,000, you also get the facilities for table tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball.
A swiming pool of 7ft depth maintained by the Kerala Water Authority renders swimming lessons 80 bucks per hour.

Now, something special about this place is ‘Astra’ – A specialised section that is the first altitude-simulated training facility in South India, which enables high altitude acclimatisation.


A multi-purpose stadium again with a capacity of 10,000. It mainly organizes matches of football, cricket and other sports.

The stadium has hosted four Ranji Trophy matches from 1990 (when Kerala cricket team played against Goa) till 1999. The ground had also hosted an under-19s test match between India and Australia in March 1994.

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