Trivandrum International Airport gets new advanced RADAR

Already an advanced air traffic control technology called Indra has been installed at the Air Traffic Control.

The advanced RADAR system at theTrivandrum International Airportwill be commissioned on September 17 by minister of state for civil aviation KC Venugopal.  The old radars were replaced as part of the AAI’s ongoing project to upgrade air traffic management systems with advanced automation systems.

“Trivandrum International Airport is an all-weather airport and the new radar will join the existing tracking devices and allow the air traffic controllers to execute their jobs in a safe and controlled manner.” Said the minister.

The 1.6-lakh euro radar system, will replace the 18-year-old Airport Surveillance Radar and the new Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR), was installed after obtaining mandatory clearance from the Director General of Civil Aviation. The fixing of the antennas of the airport surveillance radar and the monopulse secondary surveillance radar at the airport took place on July.

The MMS radar was installed and tested by 5 Czech engineers from ELDIS Pardubice Ltd, from where the equipment was procured. Meanwhile, air traffic controllers have been carrying out operations by manual control.

Already an advanced air traffic control technology called Indra, developed by the Spanish Information Technology and Defence Systems Company, has been installed at the Air Traffic Control. The new system will use a combination of primary and secondary radars and will assist aircrafts in landing and take-off. The primary radar will give information on weather and clouds and the secondary radars will give details of height and other data to the air traffic controllers. The data from the radars will be fed into Indra.

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