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July 18 2014 |

60ml Last order – Short Film shot entirely using a mobile phone. #EnteCityRecommended


60ml Last order – A short film that sheds light on alcoholism. There is no doubt that alcohol abuse is a serious problem that impacts significantly on many lives each year. Every one of us is aware of this problem, however, no one is able to relate to it except for those who have experienced it firsthand. 60ml Last order is Malayalam short film that sheds light on alcoholism, and the damage it has on the alcoholic’s life. The 6 minute long short film travel through 15 years of an alcoholic’s life. 60ml Last order is about the story of a talented singer who arrives at a turning point in his life cycle and realizes that he forgot the good things in life. The short film which is shot entirely on mobile phone delivers a strong message to the youth that, nobody is impervious to the addictive influence of alcoholism. Script & DIrection: Krishna Murali Camera: Suraj Khan

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