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  • T C - 14/730, Museum-Nandavanam Road, Vikas Bhavan P O, Trivandrum
  • 0471 2339201, 0471 2339200

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Logtech Infoway Pvt Ltd in Nandavanam, Trivandrum is a one stop place for computer related accessories and mobile accessories. Contact Logtech Trivandrum for more informations

1 Review by EnteCity Users

  1. George Thomas Madelil

    The Ultimate Rip-off Pro's of the market; from the top level management to the service staff ; all have simply one goal in mind and thats just cheat your way through. Ashamed to see that such a place exists in the world. I had a 3 year old netbook ACER ASPIRE ONE which i gave for Servicing on June 2015 which they said would take a month or two. 3 months later i'm back in town for it and then they say it still isnt working.. 5 months down the line my dad goes for it since i'm not in town, makes him wait for 2 hrs saying that the product is ready and in the end they say sorry,but something is wrong we will have it ready in a week.. 2 weeks later same lame excuse.. Then past December he goes again to collect it only to come back again empty-handed.. please bear in mind that the extended warranty period is over and still i'm ready to pay for whatever is required.. then even after reminder calls every other week they call up my dad just to give him back the netbook completely unfixed after holding it in FOR 10 F***ING MONTHS … Also today I came to know from another dealer who's Handling it saying that most of the parts have been replaced with second grade parts instead of the stock components by ACER. TO LOGTECH I SAY THIS 'AS SOON AS I AM BACK IN TRIVANDRUM EXPECT A LAWSUIT COMING YOUR WAY, SO LAWYER UP'

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