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Movie Archive for Dileep

King Liar Bookmark and Share

King Liar narrates the story of a person known as the “king of liars,

Two Countries Bookmark and Share

Two Countries’ tells the story of a Malayalee guy who gets ready to marry a Malayalee girl settled in Canada, just because he wants to go and live in Canada.

Life of Josutty Bookmark and Share

Josutty is the son of Joseph and Shoshamma. He belongs to a middle class farmer family and lives a content life. Gradually, Josutty falls in love with Jessy, who is his neighbour and childhood friend. But after a series of incidents, Jessy is forced to leave Josutty and he marries Rose, a divorcee who works […]

Love 24×7 Bookmark and Share

Chandrettan Evideya Bookmark and Share

‘Chandrettan Evideya’ is a wholesome entertainer with a hilarious background. The movie deals with a harried husband who is saddled with an over possessive wife and how things turn out in such a situation.

Ivan Maryadaraman Bookmark and Share

The lead character Raman, enacted by Dileep, is an employee in a rice mill in Pune. He used to carry the rice to the mill for processing on a bicycle. Later he decides to buy an auto rickshaw and goes to his village to borrow money from his mother to buy his dream vehicle. But […]

Villaali Veeran Bookmark and Share

The story revolves around Siddharthan, who is a humble vegetable trader from a small village. He shoulders all the responsibilities of his family and is someone who is ready to sacrifice everything for his sisters. The quest for wealth leads him to a lot of troubles and the film deals with how he comes out […]

Avatharam Bookmark and Share

Avatharam tells the life of Madhavan who shifts to Kochi, to take care of his brother’s family after his elder brother’s sudden death. He soon learns that his brother’s death was not accidental, but has lots of conspiracy surrounding it.

Ring Master Bookmark and Share

Ring Master is a 2014 Malayalam film written and directed by Rafi starring Dileep in the role of an animal trainer in circus.

Nadodimannan Bookmark and Share

Nadodimannan is a 2013 Malayalam film directed by Viji Thampi, starring Dileep, Ananya, Mythili and Archana Kavi in the lead roles.