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Movie Archive for Tamil

Thanga Magan Bookmark and Share

Without wandering around hero’s introduction or exaggerated commercial elements, we are directly introduced to the story. Tamizh is the son of KS Ravikumar and Raadhika Sarathkumar in “Thanga Magan”. He will be a happy-go-lucky guy until he falls in love with Hema D’Souza. Like in every love story, the couple has some issues and they […]

Eetti Bookmark and Share

Pugal is a star athlete with a national track record and much potential. But he suffers from a serious health problem, he has a bleeding disorder called thrombasthenia. Even a small cut on his body can prove fatal. Things are fine until he has to travel to Chennai for a sports meet. His problems begin […]

Mantra 2 Bookmark and Share

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Bookmark and Share

The movie is about a man trying to impersonate a goon so that he could impress a girl who is desperate to meet and do a documentary on one. Its only later that he realises that she has much more reasons for meeting one than just research!

10 Endrathukulla Bookmark and Share

10 Endrathukulla is a road movie and revolves around a journey. The journey begins in Chennai and continues up north to Uttarakhand, with detours in Rajasthan and Sikkim.

Trisha Illana Nayanthara Bookmark and Share

Maya Bookmark and Share

The movie starts in a dark village named ‘Mayavanam’ and a woman named Maya loses her life due to reasons undisclosed in this wiki. Later whomever visits the village will definitely face death. Lots of speculations rise due to this. Arjun, who plays the lead role goes there to investigate the mystery behind all these […]

Yatchan Bookmark and Share

The movie runs on parallel stories and meets at some point. Ruffian Thoothkudi Chinna accidentally kills someone and escapes to Chennai. Aspiring actor Pazhni Karthik lands in the Capital city of Tamil Nadu to pursue his dreams and his girlfriend is very supportive to him. The entry of the character played by Deepa Sannidhi gives […]

Thani Oruvan Bookmark and Share

A police officer tries to bring down a corrupt person.

Paayum Puli Bookmark and Share

Paayum Puli is all about an undercover operation and its aftermath. Some leading businessmen in Madurai are killed one by one by a gang creating panic among the business community. After succeeding in instilling fear in the businessmen’s minds, the gang and collects Rs.2 crores as ‘protection money’ from each of these beleaguered businessmen.