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January 6 2014 | by Gautham S Kumar

Media mislead about IMDB list of Top Artists

The list was created by an IMDB user who probably is a malayali. Any user can sign in to IMDB website and create any type of lists.

A list in Internet Movie Database (IMDB) featuring top 50 artists who gave mind blowing performances on screen happens to be the major topic of discussion in social media websites. The list featured around 7 Indian actors. However, the list got its prominence as our dearest actor Mohanlal was in the top 10 with stars like Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Al Pacino etc. It was really a happy moment for his fans and film lovers as he stormed into the top 10 satisfying all the criteria’s for selection. The list was shared by many users and groups in Facebook and Twitter. However, people are not realising the fact that this is a list created by one of the members of IMDB. Anyone can create any type of list in that site. But, it can never be taken seriously as it’s not made by the site or critics.

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Without understanding the reality behind this, many of our prominent media started giving news about this. Though the list makes us personally happy, giving such unreliable news by these media is an injustice to the great actor.

Written by: Gautham S Kumar

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