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August 24 2013 | by EnteCity

Olipporu Malayalam Movie Review by Pappan

Fahad Fazil's acting and the dialogues are the only positive thing about the movie.

After so many hurdles, debutant director A V Sasidharan’s Fahad starrer Olipporu released today.  It took them a year to make the film on roll and was very difficult for them to convince the cast. However, the movie is unable to truly do a good job at captivating anyone’s attention.

Olipporu throws light on the current political situations and life of the state. Fahadh Faasil plays the role of a blogger named Ajayan, who writes his blogs under the pseudonym ‘Oilpporali’. His friends whom he met through the internet are also bloggers who write in the names of Clutch, Gear, Break, Vani, and Pachakuthira.

The youngsters decided to organize an exclusive show in Bangalore. In the final rehearsal when everyone arrives, Oliporali alone has not come. The group only has meagre information about Oliporali. The intriguing events that follow this form the rest of the movie.

The first half of the film is very confusing and can be boring to some of you. The movie travels in slow pace through the life Oliporali in flashback. The second half continues where first half left off and follows the same pattern. The climax was a terrible let down.

Fahad Fazil’s acting and the dialogues are the only positive thing about the movie. Another good thing about the movie is its duration which is only around 110 minutes. Coming to the negatives – slow paced narration, the songs, the screenplay and the direction weighed down the movie.

The movie fails to recreate Fahad Fazil’s magic and turned out to be another Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla.

Verdict: Below Average
Rating: 3 / 10


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