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January 25 2014 | by EnteCity

Salala Mobiles Movie Review by Ashok

In general, Salala Mobiles is disappointing and fails to entertain the audience.

Salala Mobiles directed by debutant Sarath A Haridasan is a romantic-comedy film in which Dulquar Salman and Nazriya Nazim plays the lead roles.

The movie was having a huge hype before its release with its ‘Ummachi rap’ taking the cyberspace by storm. Like Dulquar’s previous movies Usthad Hotel and Second show, Salala Mobiles is also set in an unalloyed Malabari backdrop. Salala Mobiles speaks the love story of a boy, who runs a mobile shop and a girl, who is a regular customer at the shop.

Afsal played by Dulquer is a living a lazy life without any job. His mother Safi (Geetha) is much worried about his future and asks her brother Salaludheen to advice Afsal. Salaludheen asks Afsal to start a business. Afsal with his childhood friend Binoy (Jacob Gregory) begins a mobile shop and names it Salala Mobiles. There, he falls in love with Shahana played by Nazriya, a degree student. Meanwhile, Afsal meets Alagar Saamy, a programmer who gifts him with a phone call tapping software. Afsal and Binoy, for fun, begin to tap calls of other people. Things take a turn when, police find out about their call tapping. Will police be successful to trace out the culprits? Will Afsal succeed with his love?

The first half of the movie is watchable with a few comedy scenes but the second half is below average. The climax ended all of a sudden without clarifying the purpose.

Performance wise, Dulquer Salman is good with his role of a lazy innocent lad and so is Nazriya Nazim as Shahana. The combination between Dulquer and Jacob Grigory is also good and gives many one-liners for the audience to laugh. Music by Gopi Sunder is good throughout too.

On the negative side, the movie has a weak story and a poor direction. The direction and the script by the director himself has nothing much to offer. In general, Salala Mobiles is disappointing and fails to entertain the audience.

Verdict: Average
Rating: 6 / 10


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