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December 12 2013 | by EnteCity

Vedivazhipadu Malayalam Movie Review By Shyam

The first half of the movie shows the family relations of the four friends.

Shambhu Purushothaman’s directorial debu ‘Vedivazhipadu‘ made the news when Censor Board rejected the movie initially due to some allegedly adult comedy. Later, the movie got an ‘A certificate’. The poster of the film itself had slogans like “Moralists, please forgive”. Vedi Vazhipadu features Murali Gopy, Anumol, Sunil Sugatha, Mythili and Anushree in the lead roles. Indrajith also has an important role in the film.

Vedivazhipadu deals with the fake morality of Malayalees. The film starts with the history of Attukal Pongala. Four friends get together in one of their homes and plans a mission, while their wives are busy attending Attukal Pongala. The events that happen during that time form the rest of the story.

The first half of the movie shows the family relations of the four friends. It was little dragging but was entertaining with nice comedies and one liners. The later half is also entertaining. However, the climax was not good. You may feel that dialogues are crossing the limit. There are no vulgar scenes or dialogues that hurt religious sentiments.

Direction wise Shambhu Purushothaman has done a wonderful job, even though it is his first film. Performance wise all the cast has done a brilliant job. Especially, Anumol for doing such a daring role.

Coming to the positives of the film- Direction, casting, comedy, one liners and the social message at the end of the film are the positives of the film.  Dragging first half, poor background score and bad climax are the negatives of the film.

Vedivazhipadu is a good one-time watchable movie. The family audience may find hard to accept the movie but the youth will definitely enjoy Vedivazhipadu!

Verdict: Good
Rating: 7 / 10


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