10 Things you miss when you leave Trivandrum

There is something magical about this royal city no matter where you come from or what your leanings are you will love this city and find it hard to leave.

Trivandrum is a city which can boast of a unique blend of cultural diversity and yet a classical and historical legacy.  Beloved by locals and immigrants alike, Trivandrum has truly become a relocation and career enhancement hot spot.  The city is a veritable melting pot of diverse cultures and life-style preferences.

There is something magical about this royal city no matter where you come from or what your leanings are you will love this city and find it hard to leave.  We have compiled a list of things you will miss when you leave Trivandrum – taken from our readers.

Here are the 10 things that you will miss when you leave Trivandrum

Althara Junction

The tea shop at the far end of the Manaveeyam Veedhi at the Althara junction is the favourite hangout place for the youth. Every evening, young professionals and college students looking for a break from their hectic schedules, come to this tea shop for a chat and a snack. Althara junction has been “Connecting People” for many years. It’s a place where your social circle grows bigger every day. You may come alone to have a cup of tea and before you know it, you will be making new friends. Many of the people who hang out at Althara junction may turn out to be your ‘friends-of-friends’. And that’s when you realize, it’s a small world afterall!

The Beach

Varkala and Kovalam listed in the 'Top 25 beaches in Asia'

There is nothing like enjoying an evening on the sands watching sunset. Fortunately, Trivandrum is blessed with sun kissed sandy beaches and long stretches of palm fringed shorelines. The beaches of Shangumugham, Kovalam and Varkala are attracting hoards of people who come to enjoy the beauty of Arabian Sea. While Shangumugham is the most preferred beach destination of families, youngsters prefer to hang out at Kovalam and Varkala. Many Trivandrumites go to the beaches for recreation and strolling on the sands, but others come here to relax and unwind themselves after the exhausting hustle and bustle of city life.  Whether you are happy or sad, the beach is always there to welcome you!

Museum and Kanakakunnu

Kanakakkunnu Palace trivandrum

For many us, the day either begins or ends in the Museum grounds or Kanakaunnu. The health conscious Trivandrumites finds pleasure in walking or jogging in the Museum or Kanakaunnu compound. Thanks to the greeny offered by the trees and the beautiful garden, the museum grounds makes the perfect setting for exercise without the fear of traffic. For the kids, there are lots of open areas for them to run around without getting in anyone’s way. Some people come here often, if not for a walk, then at least to spend some quiet time with the nature.

Indian Coffee House Thampanoor

For most of us, having a cup of coffee from the Indian Coffee House building at Thampanoor is like walking down the memory lane. The actual name of this coffee house outlet is Maveli Cafe. Serious discussions and philosophical musings often happen over a cup of coffee here.  Even in this cyber age, nothing much has changed in the coffee houses, not the menu or the waiters and certainly not the coffee.

The famous building, with its unique style gave Trivandrum is a well known architectural landmark. Thanks to Laurie Baker, the seer who conceived this landmark, Indian Coffee House building has become one of the most recognisable structures in Trivandrum.


Trivandrum is the land of Lord Ananthapadmanabha. Unfortunately, it is also the land of strikes and protests. Being the political nerve centre of Kerala, Trivandrum invariably becomes the venue for never ending demonstrations and protests. Trivandrum has seen many strikes and harthals than any other city in the state. Even people from other districts come here to stage their protest. Trivandrumites hate it; the youth hates it and the hapless tourists who come here also hate it. The only people who love it are the school going children. So, you won’t be sad to miss this when you leave Trivandrum.



The International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), the annual film festival held every December is a movie-lovers most anticipated event. IFFK is claimed to be Asia’s largest in terms of viewer participation. During the festival time, the city is buzzing with IFFK frenzy. Delegates, celebrities, film-goers from across the world will be in the city, making it their home for a week to be part of the festival. IFFK crowd consists of die-hard participants who have been following it since its inception, newbies and others who come down to watch films in between their busy schedule.

Exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions!

Trivandrumites love exhibitions! Trade shows and exhibitions are a common occurrence in Trivandrum. Everyday there will be some kind of exhibitions taking place in various places in the city such as the Gujrat Emporium, Rajasthan Handicrafts Mela, book fair, consumer trade shows etc, to name a few. Just stroll through the road from Museum Junction to East Fort, you will find at least 5 exhibition venues. Putharikandam maidan, VJT hall, Kanakakunnu Palace Ground, etc are the main venues where exhibitions take place.


Road maintenance in Trivandrum to go Hi-tech! Strict action against vandalism

The one thing everyone likes about Trivandrum is its roads. Unlike other cities in India, Trivandrum is not much plagued by traffic congestion. It’s not that Trivandrum is less crowded, but the traffic infrastructure in the City is so well designed that a constant traffic flow is maintained. Trivandrum also has one of the best roads in the country. According to Thiruvananthapuram Road Development Company Limited (TRDCL), which is in charge of 42 km of city roads, the roads in Trivandrum are of global standards. All the major roads in the city are now widened, with some roads having up to 6-lanes. The city roads are aesthetically maintained with landscaped traffic islands, medians and foot paths. Trivandrum is also one of the first few cities in the country to have pedestrian friendly foot paths.

Chalai Market

Chalai Market all set for modernization!

There is a saying among Trivandrumites that, if you can’t find something in Chalai Market then it probably doesn’t exist.  There is virtually nothing that is not available in Chalai. The age old market which stretches through the narrow 2 km road sells everything needed for a household, from fresh vegetables to hardware items. Most of the shops deal with both retail and wholesale and you can buy stuff at a good price. Chalai is a crowded market and it takes a while to know where to get the stuff you are looking for.

Ananthapuri during Onam

The most spectacular Onam Celebrations take place in Trivandrum. The city will be in a festive mood and Trivandrumites will be on a shopping spree weeks before this time comes. All the buildings from Vellayambalam to East fort are beautifully illuminated with colourful lights. Even the trees will be illuminated.  You will feel like as if you are in a wonderland. The state government celebrates Tourism Week in Trivandrum during Onam. Much of Kerala’s culture is showcased during the festivities. The weeklong celebration comes to an end with a massive cultural procession from Kowdiar palace to East Fort. Around 100 floats participate every year along with beautifully caparisoned elephants and traditional art forms. It’s one thing you don’t want to miss.

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