Are We After Brand Names in Food?

People should wake up and take action other than going for brands that supply filthy dishes.

The KFC outlet in the capital city was forced to pull down their shutter yesterday when a customer complained about wriggling worms in their dish. The cases filed against such restaurants are increasing but there is no change in people getting poisoned through food. Soon after the complaint of the customer, the food safety authorities came to KFC and seized the food ordered as well as some chicken that was allegedly five months old.

Filthy food story continues… this is not a single-out story of KFC. The branded food outlet has already stained their name world wide. The in a report says that a Chinese businessman complained to the KFC Manager that the chef is preparing food without gloves and face mask. But adament Manager defended the complaint, the outraged businessman blows 14,000 pounds on the fast food and lined up the family buckets outside the entrance warning of ‘poisonous’ food as a mark of protest.

Another incident happened in Australia where the court ordered KFC to pay $ 8.3 million in damages to the family of a seven year old girl who was left severly brain damaged after being poisoned by a chicken meal.

Down when it comes to our small state Kerala, the customers still flock to nearby branded food courts which were once closed by our food safety authorities. For Instance, the crowd at ‘Ambrosia‘ keeps growing even after a customer was served with a cockroach ‘filled’ cake recently. Food poisoning is a common incident in our state, but people rarely complaint. After they recover from the illness of poisoning they rush to the same shop to relish their delicious delicacies.

In Kozhikode one more person became a victim of food poisoning after having a ‘shawarma’ from a restaurant in the city, even though the dish was banned all over the state due to a similar incident in the capital city earlier this year.

This is a wake-up call for everyone. The negligent attitude of customers towards the dangers of stale unhealthy food will claim more lives if people do not take an initiative and react against such Brand Names.

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