Football Ultimate- Test your knowledge about Football and win an iPhone.

Football Ultimate will ask you random questions of various difficulty levels related to Football.

#EnteThiruvananthapuram: The world is in the grip of football fever. Around the globe, millions of viewers are glued to their sets for the World Cup. Now you can also be part of the football fever.

Trivandrum based Igloo Innovations has come with an Android app that tests your knowledge about Football. Called as ‘Football Ultimate’, the app will let you know everything about the current World Cup.  The app will ask you random questions of various difficulty levels related to Football.

Football Ultimate offers three modes of questions. You can choose ‘Guess By Player’ or Guess By Country or Guess By Club. In Guess By Player mode, the app will show a picture of players from the World Cup Football team and user have to guess the answer. Even if user cannot guess the player, he/she can read the hints provided. Guess By Country mode shows player’s image with options. User has to guess which country player plays for. In Guess By Club user have to guess which club the player plays for.

That’s not all! Users can predict the result of the game before its start and can win exciting prizes like iPhone. Prediction lot opens when the user purchases the Premium Pack through mobile or website A game can be predicted 24hours before it start and the prediction closes 10 minutes before the game. iPhone will be given to the ultimate winner after the world cup finals. Apart from iPhone, constellation prizes will be rewarded among the players on a weekly or monthly basis.

So start playing and be part of the football frenzy.  You can download ‘Football Ultimate app from here.

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