GrandMaster’s Kitchen, A Unique “Film Themed” Restaurant Opened In Trivandrum!

Eating food in a colourful filmed themed atmosphere is a treat and GrandMaster's Kitchen offers you just that.

Foodies in capital rejoice! A new “movie themed” restaurant has opened its doors in Trivandrum to excite your taste buds.

Called “Grandmaster’s Kitchen”, the restaurant is owned and operated by film director B.Unnikrishnan. The restaurant is named after his favourite film Grandmaster which was directed by B. Unnikrishnan himself. The first customer of GrandMaster’s Kitchen was none other than Mohanlal.

Grandmasters Kitchen restaurant Interior

Grandmaster’s Kitchen is a unique restaurant with film based themes. The walls of the restaurant are decorated beautifully with portraits of world-famous actors and other pictures related to movies.

Grandmasters Kitchen Interiors

Every inch of the restaurant is filled with famous dialogues from Malayalam films. That’s not all! Posters of super hit films in Malayalam also finds a place on restaurant’s wall.

Grandmasters Kitchen Mohanlal

Another unique attraction of Grandmaster’s Kitchen is the chess pieces placed on either end of the restaurant. B.Unnikrishnan has a special affinity towards the game of Chess.

Grandmasters Kitchen Bunnikrishnan

It also includes posters of world famous chess masters. Even the menu card of the restaurant is based on the theme of chess.

Grandmasters Kitchen restaurant

The restaurant will serve all kinds of food such Chinese, North Indian, Thai food, Arabian and even Keral’s favourite Malabar and Kuttanadan food.

Grandmasters Kitchen front

Grandmaster’s Kitchen is located at Palayam on Jubilee Hospital Road and the will function 11am to 11pm. There is also a “nadan chaya kada” at the restaurant which functions from 8am to 7pm.

Grandmasters Kitchen

Eating food in a colourful filmed themed atmosphere is a treat and GrandMaster’s Kitchen offers you just that. Be sure to check out the place.

*Photo Credit: Malayala Manorama

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