“This city should turn out as the safest one for women”: Parvathi T

I’m not a social worker. I do things out of my commitment to society. I got a pool of good friends who are ready to help anyone if we feel there’s his/her issue is genuine.

Psychologist, Anchor, Actress, Lyricist Parvathi T opens up with EnteCity


Parvathi started her career through the Dooradarshan programme ‘Ulkazcha’. In 1995, she moved to Asianet to do the morning live programme ‘Suprabhatham’. “It was Sasikumar sir’s idea to have 4 permanent anchors in Suprabhatham. That’s how I, Sanal Potty, Rajashree Warrier and B R Prasad came into the show. The program became so popular with many episodes featuring guests from different fields. Later on I worked for channels like Surya, Kairali and all. Still Ulkazcha is considered as one of the best shows”, she says. She was also the judge of the popular reality show ‘Veruthe Alla Bharya’.

Entry into movies?

She came into acting through the 2007-film ‘Time’ directed by Shaji Kailas. “I never had any background in acting. I was doing a show in Surya TV then. The role I did was that of a social activist. I think Shaji sir felt I was ok for the role and then invited me. I went and did the role very casually. Shaji sir called me for his next movie too, but couldn’t act in it. In between this I completed my LLB”, she adds. However, it was the Lal Jose directorial ‘Neelathamara’ which gave her the perfect break! “To act in a MT-Lal Jose movie was something big. That time I was for an organisation called ‘Daffodills’ which dealt with children having autism. There I met D Raghuthaman of Abhinaya Theatre group. Eventually I joined with them and it really helped me in many ways. Lal Jose ia great director who nurtures what exactly he wants from an actor/actress. Creating similarity with Archana Kavi was the biggest challenge I faced”, she adds. She went onto act in movies like Apoorvaragam, Pramani, Palerimankiyam, Bavoottiyude Namathil, Netholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla, Ayalum Njanum Thammil, Kanyaka Talkies, Ohm Shanthi Oshana etc. She has acted around 30 films till now and got the opportunity to work with some eminient directors like Ranjith, Sibi Malayil, Lal Jose, Shaji Kailas, VK Prakash etc. 100 Degree Celsius, Beware of Dogs, Mazhaneerthullikal, Kattum Mazhayum, Munnariyippu etc are some of her movies which will be released soon.

Stint with ‘Stage’!

Parvathy T Pics

She affirms that theatre experience was something really great! “Getting into Abhinaya really changed me. I did 4 plays for them. The role in ‘Sagara Kanyaka’ was the most challenging one for me. I played a character that was completely contrary to my looks and character. Working in that play was a great challenge. And it was amazing to work with D Raghuthaman and MG Jyotish”. Sagara Kanyaka was staged for the World Theatre Festival 2012 in Brisbane.

The writer!

I used to do film reviews for Malayala Manorama, even used to write columns for Mathrubhumi. The lyricist in me was born accidently. I’m a devotee of Devi. One day some thoughts came into my mind and I wrote it down. I completely gave 3 full days to write all the songs. However, I forgot about it soon. After an year, I decided to publish it as a book and it was termed as ‘Mayoorasandesham’, which consisted of 27 Devi Krithis. It’s cd was also released later”, she says. Her new album ‘Ponchilambu’ will be released soon!

‘I’m committed to society’!

She doesn’t want to be labelled as a social worker/activist. “I’m not a social worker. I do things out of my commitment to society. I got a pool of good friends who are ready to help anyone if we feel there’s his/her issue is genuine. We live in a society which is getting self centric day by day. Anyone can help who’s in need. You don’t’ have to be a social worker or needn’t have the backing of a NGO to help others. I’ll continue to help those people who are really in need, but that’s out of my responsibility to the society we live in. Our people and media are not at all bothered about the things which are going around them. This should change and for that we need to bring in the change!”

‘Women need more freedom and protection’!

She believes that women are still being suppressed here. “We all have the right to live freely. But here moral policing is extreme! Women have the right to live freely. But think about the situation where a girl goes out after 9? Or waits in a bus stop at night? Her protection is always at risk only! Sometime back I said that women should be allowed to travel freely and safely after 9. Many criticised about my statement. Why still women have to face it? They should enjoy the freedom too! Society’s attitude and moral policing should change!”


Parvathi’s father CV Trivikraman is the secretary of Vayalar Ramavarma Trust. Her mother Lalitha is a gynecologist and works in SUT Hospital. Her husband B Satheeshan works in C-DIT and her son Ananthakrishnan is currently doing graduation. Parvathi did her graduation from Women’s College Trivandrum and later did masters from Karyavattom College. She is currently working as a senior consultant in MSL.

‘Trivandrum is beautiful’!

For her, Trivandrum is the most beautiful she has ever been. She believes that living in Trivandrum gives really a special feel. “You can only understand this city’s beauty once you start living here. Just see the areas like Museum, Kowdiar road, Kanakakkunnu Palace, Nishagandhi auditorium etc; it’s all so beautiful! Compared to all other cities, it’s the best place to live. This city gives a lot of peace!” However, she has also some points against this city. “The basic facilities are too low here. People and tourists suffer from this. The government schools and hospitals are completely neglected. The government should make it a point to maintain these well for the welfare of people. This city should turn into a place where women can have safe travel at night and even safe stays for those come from other cities!”

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